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Jordan Walker & Anthony Volpe Topps Series 2 Cards

Can you believe that it is almost time for Series 2 of Topps' flagship product to be released. Jordan Walker and Anthony Volpe were two of the big names that made their respective opening day rosters, which in most cases has meant they are going to be included in Series two.

Early Images of their cards have started to be released basically confirming they are going to be in the product. Topps has been a bit wishy washy on their process of when players get include in the flagship product throughout their history.

Although these images have been released, that does not mean 100% they are going to be on the regual checklist and not a short print, but if they are using the cards as marketing leading up to the product, it was to be assumed they will have cards on the 300 card checklist.

Volpe is having a bit of a slow start to his season, but you have to imagine the amount of pressure on him as the shortstop in New York has to be huge. There has been a revolving door at the position for the past few years, but he has always been the light at the end of the tunnel making his way up through the minors. Walker was also having similar struggles which lead to him being sent back down to AAA at the start of this season.


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