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NFL hot list July 2023

Welcome everyone, to The DH’s HND Hot List: NFL Edition! Each month we’ll shine a spotlight on players taking the NFL hobby by storm. Active players as well as HOF/Vets are all in the mix. The Hot List is compiled using a combination of recent sales, # of sales, searches & more from multiple outlets. This is not a list of the most expensive cards sold, but a comprehensive view of a players overall market. Without further ado, let’s check out the list!

NFL HOT LIST: July 2023

( ): Previous Months Ranking

1. (-) Trevor Lawrence (QB, Jaguars): Apparently being left off the initial list was enough to spike the TLaw market heavily! As the season approaches, it’s clear collectors are expecting big things from him and the Jags this season, stocking up on the young QB like crazy. His Select Field Level Silver Prizm PSA 10 just topped $1,100. He’s climbed to #21 on the CardLadder index, and overall searches & sales have seen a major spike over the past month, leading TLaw to his debut on the Hot List.

2.(-) Patrick Mahomes (QB, Chiefs): Another debut to the Hot List, Mahomes had quite a big month in the hobby. His lower end market continued to rise, and he had some nice high-end sales, such as his 2017 National Treasures RPS /15 BGS 9 sold for $12k via Goldin. His overall searches and sales are up, and the Chiefs are one of the SB favorites as we head into the year. I’d expect his market to continue to flourish.

3.(1) Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens): Jackson drops a few spots from last month, though no fault of his own. From overall searches to avg. price, his RC’s & Rookie Autos have all seen quite a surge, with his Prizm RC Blue Scope /99 PSA 10 selling for over $900! His high end cards are seeing a big rise as well (and some controversy). It was quite a month for the LJax market and he remains near the top of the list.

4.(3) Joe Burrow (QB, Bengals): Burrow drops one spot this month, although at no fault of his own. Burrows market has been incredibly strong, and had a few other QBs not had such strong months he easily could have landed at the #1 spot. His 2020 Select Field Level RC Silver Prizm PSA 10 recently sold for over $1,100, up 14.72% over the past month. Collectors are all over the Bengals young star, and his average sales continue to climb. Burrow looks to be a mainstay on the list as the season approaches.

5.(9) Jordan Love (QB, Packers): What a month for the J-Lo market! Love jumps up 4 spots after an incredibly strong month in the hobby. His overall market increased over 6% in the past month (via CardLadder), and key cards are selling strong, with his 2020 Optic Auto Holo PSA 10 selling for $1,200. Collectors are definitely betting on the new Packers starter to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors.

6.(8) Ja’Marr Chase (WR, Bengals): The jelly to QB Burrows peanut butter, Chase rises two spots this month as his market continues to gain traction. The highest ranked non-QB this month, Chase’s market continues to strengthen, with overall searches continuing to grow. His Silver Prizm PSA 10 is up 29.86% in the past month, selling for around $250 and rising. Chase is primed for a strong hobby season.

7.(-) Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers): Another new entrant to the list, Rodgers market has been up and down for a few months. However, as we come closer to the beginning of the season, it’s clear collectors are intrigued by his move to NY. His Topps Chrome Gold Xfractor RC Auto sold for $3,750 last month, up almost 50% from April ($1,875). Fresh scenery and a strong core of players, the Jets are one of the biggest mysteries in the league as we head in to the season, albeit with a ton of upside. Rodgers market should be a fun one to watch over the coming months.

8.(-) AJ Brown (WR, Eagles): Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list, AJ Brown collectors made a very strong statement over the past month. His 2019 Contenders Cracked Ice Rookie Auto /23 PSA 10 sold for a solid $910, and his overall searches and sales have steadily increased over the past month. With the Eagles primed for another strong season, collectors are paying close attention to the star WR.

9.(-) Justin Herbert (QB, Chargers): Herbert makes his debut on the Hot List due to some impressive, eye-catching high-end sales. His 2020 National Treasures RPA /99 BGS 9 (Jersey #’d) sold for $38,800, and a BGS 7.5 /25 sold for $10,800 via PWCC. While his overall market is down slightly, his searches are up dramatically and his higher end sales earn him a spot on this months list. It feels like a make or break year for the Herbert market, but it’s clear some collectors still have a lot of faith in the QB.

10.(2) Jalen Hurts (QB Eagles): Hurts takes one of the biggest drops of the week, but still hangs on in this months Hot List. A similar effect to Burrow, Hurts market hasn’t softened as much as others have simply strengthened. Both his low and high end cards continue to strengthen, although overall searches and sales declined slightly. His Flawless Rookie Shadow Signature /25 PSA 9 sold for a strong $2,500+, while a raw /20 sold for over $1,500. Expect a bounce back for Hurts in the coming months with the Eagles once again NFC favorites.

(Dropped out: Anthony Richardson, Jim Brown, Desmond Ridder, Justin Fields, Justin Jefferson)

Which players will move up (or on to) the Hot List, and which ones will fall? Tune in next month to find out!


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