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The DH's NFL Hot List: September 2023

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Are you ready for some football?! It’s finally time!! The NFL Season is here! Welcome everyone, to The DH’s HND Hot List: NFL Edition! Each month we’ll shine a spotlight on players taking the NFL hobby by storm. Active players as well as HOF/Vets are all in the mix. The Hot List is compiled using a combination of recent sales, # of sales, searches & more from multiple outlets. This is not a list of the most expensive cards sold, but a comprehensive view of a players overall market. Without further ado, let’s check out the list!

NFL HOT LIST: September 2023 ( ): Previous Months Ranking 1. Patrick Mahomes, QB Chiefs (2): Mahomes takes the top spot on this months Hot List, as we head into the beginning of yet another NFL season. It should come as no surprise that the closer we got to kickoff, the higher Mahomes market would climb. Total searches and sales have both skyrocketed, and his cards have risen tremendously (both low and high end). His horizontal 2017 National Treasures RPA /25 BGS 9/10 sold for $39,999, and his 2017 Prizm RC Silver PSA 10 is selling for $3,850+, up 14% over the past 3 months. A heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl (and poss another MVP), collectors are back on the Mahomes train after an up and down off-season. 2. Joe Burrow, QB Bengals (1): Burrow drops one spot this month, through no fault of his own however. His overall market continues to rise, while total searches and total sales had a small uptick in the past month. His high-end market in particular had an incredibly strong month, with his 2020 Flawless RPA (Horizontal) Sapphire /10 PSA 9/10 sold for a strong $10.1k! The Bengals look primed for big things in 2023/24, and collectors have continued to take notice. Could this be Burrows year? 3. Trevor Lawrence, QB Jaguars (3): Lawrence holds down the #3 spot on the Hot List for the second consecutive month. A sneaky pick to do some serious damage this year, it’s clear that fans and collectors see big things from the young QB. As the season approaches, his overall searches and total sales are both continuing to rise. His 2021 Prizm Silver RC PSA 10 is standing strong at $2,600, while a 2021 NT White Box 1/1 recently sold for an astounding $7,000. His overall market has risen an incredible 22.09% since the end of last season. In what could be a make or break year for the Jags QB, it’s clear collectors forsee big things from TLaw. 4. Lamar Jackson, QB Ravens (2): LJax remains in the Top 5 of the HL, after another strong month in the hobby. Although often overshadowed in the headlines by rookies or other star QB’s, the LJax market continues to improve. Overall searches have slightly declined, but total sales have gone up tremendously. His 2018 National Treasures RPA /99 PSA 9 sold for $13,100 in late August, and his Select Concourse Silver Prizm PSA 10 is up over 5% in the past month, up to a strong $260. The Ravens look strong coming into the season, and the LJax market is coming up strong. 5. Justin Jefferson, WR Vikings (-): it’s fitting Jefferson’s nickname is “The Jet,” as that’s exactly what he did this month on the Hot List. Jefferson rounds out the Top 5 thanks to an amazing month across the board, and one headline-stealing sale. Total searches are up, but total sales have soared, outpacing most in the league. But it was his 2020 Panini Prizm RC Black Finite 1/1 PSA 9 sale that cemented the WR on this months HL, selling for a record setting $57,600 (via PWCC). The card is up over $45,000 in the past 6 months! Seriously. With a ton of chatter about Megatrons record for Rec Yards in a season possibly being broken this year (1,964 in 2012), collectors seem to be banking on JJ to be the one to break it. 6. Josh Allen, QB Bills (10): Allen has had an up and down off-season, with collectors seemingly ignoring the QB for a few months following the Bills playoff exit. However, in the past couple of months we’ve seen a resurgence in the Allen market, and it’s gone wild leading into the season. His 2018 Select Field Level RC Black Finite 1/1 BGS 9.5 sold at the beginning of September for $46,950, while his Select Gold XRC PSA 9 went for an impressive $12,951! Those key sales helped cement Allen at #6. His overall searches have increased significantly, and although his market is down quite a bit from this time last year, Allen is one of the Top QB’s in the QB-stacked AFC & his market looks to be on a steady upswing to start the year. 7. Anthony Richardson, QB Colts (-): The first rookie to hit the board this month, Anthony Richardson is back on the hit list after a very strong August. Overall searches and sales are up tremendously, and with multiple products featuring the Colts young QB hitting the shelves his overall market is up an astonishing 87.35%. With the other QB’s in the class locked up in Fanatics Exclusives, Richardson has stolen the 2023/24 spotlight and become the de-facto “go to auto” to chase. His 2023 Panini Futures Diamond NFL Shield /5 sold for $5,000, and his 2023 Chronicles Draft Optic 1/1 Black Finite RC Auto sold for $2,225! However, uncertainty surrounding the upcoming NFL/Panini release dates, and the strong possibility of licenced products being shelved, could take a toll on his (and all rookies) market in the coming months. Would he be here if there were (licenced) autos of the other QB’s on the market? That’s a question we’ll unfortunately never know. But for now, Richardson leads the way for the 2023 Rookie Class entering the season. 8. Jalen Hurts, QB Eagles (5): Hurts is a confusing one, boasting one of the more volatile markets in the hobby over the past six months. After a strong July, Hurts market had an odd August. Total sales & search volume were down, but his overall market continued to rise, up 7.11% in the past month (16% past 3 months). His 2020 Panini Prizm Silver PSA 10 is up almost 40% in the past 3 months, up to $1,100, while his base Prizm PSA 10 is up 3.25% to $125. Hurts drops 4 spots this month to #8, but could easily rebound into the Top 5 for next months HL. 9. Justin Fields, QB Bears (9): Fields remains at #9 this month, as collectors continue to bank on the Bears young QB. His total sales remain near the top of all players in the league, while his total searches continue to climb by the month. His 2021 Panini Prizm Silver RC PSA 10 is selling for $550+, up 4.15% over the past three months. On the high-end side, his 2021 National Treasures Stars & Stripes RPA 1/1 Laundry Tag Auto sold for $19,250+ (via Goldin), while his ‘17 Flawless RPA 1/1 NFL Shield Auto sold for $39,800+ (via Goldin)! A lot is expected of Fields this year under center, and it’s clear collectors are expecting a lot as well. 10. Bijan Robinson: RB, Falcons (-): the second Rookie to make the list (and his Hot List Debut), Robinson makes the list due to the incredible demand for his RCs, and his total searches skyrocketing. Like fellow rookie Richardson, there are only ya few releases with Robinson in them that have hit the market, however collectors are fighting like crazy over the ones he does have. His 2023 Select Gold XRC /10 Redemption sold recently for $4,000 (two diff sales), while his Immaculate Collegiate RPA Horizontal /3 sold for over $2k! Like fellow Rookie Anthony Richardson, Robinson’s market will be an interesting one to watch, especially if a hault is put on 2023/24 products. Dropped out: Tua Tagovailoa, Christian McCaffrey, Mac Jones) Which players will move up (or on to) the Hot List, and which ones will fall? Check out next month's HL to find out! With the NFL Season finally beginning, expect a lot of movement over the coming months! The NFL market is about to get crazy! The uncertainty of 2023/24 NFL products has shaken up the hobby, and it should be quite the interesting year.


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