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Tales and Sales from the front lines - The Sports Card Shop

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Sales and Tales from the front lines: May 2023

We'll keep it short and sweet this month as there's nothing earth shattering to report.

May sales at our New Buffalo, MI shop were basically flat, coming in at +1.7 % over last year

We're on track to open our second location in Valparaiso, IN in June, and are excited to get this shop up and running for our collectors here in the mid west..

If you haven't heard of Valparaiso, or are wondering why we decided to open a shop there, watch this video to learn more. The city is quite literally, the perfect place for The Sports Card Shop.

In other shop news:

It was near closing time this past Sunday and Owen and I were wrapping up another busy day at the New Buffalo shop while Tina and Max spent the day stocking shelves in Valparaiso.

We were putting things away and I said offhand, "Hey Owen, why don't you grab a box of Bowman Chrome U Basketball and let's see if we can pull a Wemby auto." Owen said, "Where does he play again?" I responded, "France. Come take a look at his highlights on YouTube, and let's open that box."

We were humming along through the packs and I pulled a sticker auto in my third pack. Then, Owen pulled a Caitlin Clark base card. so we were pretty happy. Then, Owen pulled a redemption card, and said to me, "Uh dad. How do you spell Victor's last name again? This is him right?"

I took a look at the card and was stunned. Owen had just pulled the 1st Bowman Chrome Prospects Red Auto /5 redemption card for Wemby!!! Needless to say, we were all smiles for the rest of the day.

We rarely rip packs, as we need to save that stuff for our collectors.. But we do like to have some fun now and then. And we like to see new sets like this one so we know a little about the product. This

time, we were extremely lucky.

The card WILL BE up for sale.

Join us next month to find out how much the card sold for AND we'll also dive into hobby shop margins, which is arguably a more important metric than top line sales.

See ya soon

-- Head Coach The Sports Card Shop269-469-0140


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