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Being a sports cards / TCG shop there are several games that we carry but get less attention, because lets

face it pokemon is the king of the TCG category. Right now there is a ton of excitement across the TCG

category. There are new games and new releases that are generaƟng a lot of buzz amongst collectors

and players. I will highlight the ones toward the top of the list.

Magic the Gathering Lord of the Rings.

You’ve probably heard about this. Not because of the massive name recogniƟon of the 2 licences, but

because of Magics first 1/1 card the precious. This card has been pulled and brought in over a million

bucks. The attention and the hype that surrounded this product was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in

the magic world. Collector boxes soared to $500 and there was an excitement with people who love

both franchises. The Serial cards were sƟll selling for $1000+ as of the wriƟng of this arƟcle. If you are

searching for those serial number cards you'll have to pay up for collector boxes and they are very tough


Weiiss Schwarz Avatar

A favorite from the nickelodeon network, a lot of collectors were waiƟng for this card set. Weiiss got the

attention of non sports collectors a few months ago with their Japanese version of Disney 100. AŌer

seeing these cards it made those nostalgic collectors look towards avatar. While this show has a very

niche crowd they are very loyal to the brand. With gold foil chases landing 1-2 per case the ultra rare

cards are tough pulls but are pulling in a lot of attention. (please be careful buying single boxes as some

dealers will pull the case hit and dump the boxes.

Yugioh 25th anniversary

Releasing this week Konami is reprinƟng and celebraƟng the original yugioh releases. With 5 boosters

coming this week yugioh collectors new and old are looking forward to this product. This legendary

collection will not only have reprints but new cards that yu gi oh collectors and players are looking

forward too. This is one of those products that have been garnering phone calls about availability for a

few weeks.

Other notable games that have gotten a lot of quesƟons are lorcana (next months arƟcle will focus on

this) , Sorcery ( a brand new game), Flesh and Blood dusk tll dawn, Pokemon 151 japanese release (

avoid prices will come down in a month or so), and MTG Commander Masters. There are many more

games that people are enjoying and have been looking for but these have been the games receiving the

most attention. You'd be surprised to know that Digimon is also having a large resurgence in the last

year. Right now the TCG category is gaining attention from all angles. A lot of fun and at affordable

prices in most cases!!


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