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The Acquisition of Card Number 57, The Making of Hobby History

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

My Short Hobby Blog/Vlog Story of the Month is about my acquisition of the 1986-87 Fleer Premier Michael Jordan rookie card, number 57.

The acquisition of card number 57 started on Friday, February 18th, and ended on Tuesday, March 1st, and to truly understand the acquisition of card number 57, context is key. My decision to purchase one of the greatest rookie cards ever produced could not be spontaneous. My decision to purchase MJ's most revered card after the first day I saw it was very methodical because, during my ten-day decision period, I had to evaluate several variables attached to this acquisition; more importantly, I had to assess if this was my moment to make hobby history.

Context # 1: The Day I Saw Card # 57

- On Friday, February 18th, as I walked into Media Cards & Sports, something about this visit felt different. In my previous visits, Bob and I would do our usual routine of talking about Penncrest, the school year, the hobby industry, me volunteering at the store, and most importantly, collecting. However, that didn't happen because my eyes were glued to the basketball showcase as I walked into the store. As I walked toward the basketball showcase, I realized that for the first time in my entire hobby experience, I had the opportunity to see an MJ rookie card up close, and I would have a chance to hold it in my hands.

Context # 2: The Ten-Day Decision

- I didn't purchase the 1986 Fleer Premier MJ rookie that Friday. I don't know if it was shell-shocked, my multiple out-of-body experiences as I asked Bob how he got the card, or my constant repeat story about my journey of collecting the 1986 Fleer Premier set. As I said my goodbyes to Bob and headed toward my car, all I did for my entire commute home was imagine what it would feel like to add one of the greatest rookie cards ever to my 1986 Fleer Premier set. When I went the bed later that night, I told myself I would leave it up to fate, and if the card was there on my next visit, it was meant to be.

The rest of this story is hobby history!

Keep Collecting!

I purchased the 1986-87 Fleer Premier Michael Jordan rookie card, number 57, from Media Cards and Sports in Media, PA.

Click the link to watch Hobby Vlog 61


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