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The DH’s NFL Hot List August 2023

The LAST list before FOOTBALL BEGINS! Welcome everyone, to The DH’s HND Hot List: NFL Edition! Each month we’ll shine a spotlight on players taking the NFL hobby by storm. Active players as well as HOF/Vets are all in the mix. The Hot List is compiled using a combination of recent sales, # of sales, searches & more from multiple outlets. This is not a list of the most expensive cards sold, but a comprehensive view of a players overall market. Without further ado, let’s check out the list! NFL HOT LIST: August 2023 ( ): Previous Months Ranking 1. (4) Joe Burrow, QB Bengals: As we begin the season, it’s a logjam of QBs atop the hobby for who reigns supreme, but this month we have to give it to the emerging Superstar QB. Burrows market had quite the month, rising over 3% overall (8% over the past 3 months via CardLadder). His overall searches and total sales have soared, both on the low and high-end. A National Treasures RPA /99 PSA Auth/Auto 10 recently sold for $16,000, and his Donruss Pen Pals Auto BGS 9/10 has soared to $925+. The Bengals are strong favorites this year, and collectors are definitely betting on Burrow. 2. (3) Lamar Jackson, QB Ravens: a fixture on the first few NFL Hot Lists, Jackson moves up a spot this month after his market continued to rise throughout July. Strong sales combined with a large increase in total sales and search volume give Jackson the bump here, as his 2018 National Treasures RPA /99 BGS 8 recently sold for $10.5k, and his 2018 Prizm Purple Power Auto /8 (BGS 9.5/10) rose to $6,500! His overall market also rose 2.25%. Armed with a bevy of new weapons, LJax is poised for a big season. Collectors clearly expect one. 3. (1) Trevor Lawrence, QB Jaguars: After another strong month, Lawrence finds himself near the top of the Hot List yet again. Last month's #1, Lawrence drops to 3 solely based on the strength of his competitors. The TLaw market continued to rise, up 5.4% overall in the past 30 days. A slight dip in searches but an increase in overall sales, TLaw remains one of the hottest QB's in the hobby. His 2021 National Treasures RPA /10 BGS 9/10 sold for an incredible $37.2k! Hes #25 on the CardLadder Index, and his market grew over 6% in the past month. While most QB's leveled off during the off-season, TLaw's market just continues to rise. 4. (2) Patrick Mahomes, QB Chiefs: Mahomes, like TLaw, drops a few spots this month despite a very strong market. The Chiefs Gunslinger remains in the Top 5 due to amazing high and low-end sales, such as his 2017 Select Jumbo RPA Gold /10 BGS 9.5/10, which recently sold for $20k! But it's not just his high end autos collectors are paying attention to. His Optic RC Red/Yellow Prizm PSA 10 is up 21% in the past month, with sales hovering around $2,100. At this time last year, the Red/Yellow PSA 10 was selling for $1,400. Mahomes remains one of the best in the game, and collectors are responding. Are collectors baking in another Super Bowl run? It will be interesting to watch, as the Chiefs need to start off strong for the Mahomes market to continue its rise. 5. (10) Jalen Hurts, QB Eagles: After a slight drop last month, Hurts returns to the Top 5 of the Hot List after a very strong July. His overall market rebounded nicely, rising 4.27% over the past month (and almost 10% over the past 90 days). His total sales rose slightly, but total searches skyrocketed compared to his QB counterparts. His 2020 National Treasures RPA Holo Gold /10 BGS 8.5 sold for 24.3k in July via PWCC Auctions, and a PSA 8 /99 sold for $9,000. His 2020 Optic RC Auto PSA 9 is up to $750, and rising with each completed sale. Hurts enters the 2023 season with major expectations on the field, and judging by his card market, even bigger expectations in the hobby. 6. (-) Tua Tagovailoa, QB Dolphins: Making his debut on the NFL Hot List, the Dolphins QB comes in at #6 after an amazing July in the hobby. In the past month, Tua's overall market rose an incredible 6.54%! His total sales have soared, and his overall searches continue to steadily rise as we head towards the start of the season. His 2020 Flawless Dual Patch Auto /15 (RAW) sold for $5,655, and his 2020 Prizm RC Silver PSA 10 is at a 6 month high, now selling for $535+. After an off-season of questions, collectors seem to be back on board the Tua-Train. 7. (-) Christian McCaffrey, RB 49ers: The only non-QB on this month's Hot List, Christian McCaffrey makes his debut at #7. The 49ers may have questions in a crowded QB room, but there's no questions when it comes to the RB position. And while RB's in the league have had a rough few weeks, the do-it-all RB had an amazing month in the hobby, with his overall market rising almost 12%! Overall searches and sales followed, rising steadily and putting the electrifying CMC in the hobby spotlight. His 2017 National Treasures Stars & Stripes RPA /13 PSA 9 sold for a strong $2,136, and his 2017 Prizm RC Silver PSA 10 is up 27% in the past month, at a 1-year high of $150! Lots of eyes in the hobby are on CMC at the moment. Is this a result of the attention he commands in fantasy football, where many leagues are gearing up for their drafts, or a sign that collectors expect a monster season from the superstar? 8. (-) Mac Jones, QB Patriots: Another newcomer to the Hot List, Mac Jones makes his debut on the back of a surprisingly strong month in the hobby. Just 6 months ago, it felt as if most of the hobby had given up on the young Patriots QB. However, a massive shift occurred and the Mac Jones hype train has started yet again. Searches and total sales are up, as many collectors have begun to buy low on the young QB. His 2021 Select Prime Selections NFL Shield RC Auto Black 1/1 PSA 9 sold for $7,500, and his 2021 Prizm RC Silver PSA 10 is up 28% in the past month, selling for $225+. Whether this is a case of buying low and hoping for a breakout season, we will have to see. But as we inch closer and closer to the start of the season, the Mac Jones market is clearly starting to trend upward. 9. (-) Justin Fields, QB Bears: Fields makes his return to the Hot List after a strong July in the hobby. The hobby darling of the National (seriously, whose name did you hear more!?), the Fields hype has ramped up tremendously over the past month. His overall sales have skyrocketed, along with his overall searches. A 2021 Prizm Red Shimmer RC Auto PSA 10 sold for a strong $3,850, and his 2021 Prizm Silver RC PSA 10 is up almost 6% with prices hovering right under $600. In a lot of people's eyes, it's a make or break season for the Bears QB. It seems quite a few people see big things in 2023 for Fields. 10. (-) Josh Allen, QB Bills: Rounding out this weeks Hot List is another QB who has been overlooked on the HL, until now. The Bills Star QB, through no fault of his own, has simply been overshadowed by an amazing QB crop currently in the NFL. Add in a quiet off-season for the Bills and you have an incredible QB flying somewhat under the radar. However, now that the pads are on and we're approaching kickoff, Allen is firmly in the hobby spotlight. His 2018 National Treasures Gloves 1/1 Shield RC Auto BGS 9 sold for $10.8k, and his Pop 26 2018 Prizm Silver PSA 10 is commanding an incredible $6,000 (PSA 9 $1,500). The hobby market for Allen is turning around after a significant drop-off the previous six months. His market has a history of high peaks and low valleys. Are we headed towards another spike? Dropped Out: Jordan Love, Ja'Marr Chase, Aaron Rodgers, AJ Brown, Justin Herbert) Which players will move up (or on to) the Hot List, and which ones will fall? Check out next month's HL to find out! With the players finally hitting the field, expect a lot of movement over the coming months! The NFL market is about to get crazy!


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