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The NFL Hot List

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Welcome everyone, to The DH’s HND Hot List: NFL Edition! Each month we’ll shine a spotlight on players taking the NFL hobby by storm. Active players as well as HOF/Vets are all in the mix. The Hot List is compiled using a combination of recent sales, # of sales, searches & more from multiple outlets. This is not a list of the most expensive cards sold, but a comprehensive view of a players overall market. So, without further ado, I give you the debut edition of Hobby News Daily’s NFL Hot List!

  1. Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens): Jackson has had quite the off-season, scoring a $260 million contract extension and a significant upgrade in the WR dept. Hobbyists have taken notice, picking up a massive amount of LJax cards in the past month. With over a 45% rise across the board, Jackson is firmly in the hobby spotlight and takes home this weeks #1 slot.

  2. Jalen Hurts (QB, Eagles): Winning a Super Bowl & taking home the SB MVP will naturally lead to an increase in demand. However, the off-season has been even better for Hurts, as collectors are scooping up his RC’s & Autos at an incredible pace (and prices). His Contenders Optic RC Auto, ungraded, has moved to $600+. A young QB with a bright future and the accolades to boot, Hurts buyers clearly don’t think he’s near his ceiling.

  3. Joe Burrow (QB, Bengals): Speaking of young QB’s, this months #3 slot goes to this era’s “Joe Cool”. Three straight AFC Championship games have shown collectors he’s the real deal, and his market reflects that. And just like his game, his market shows no signs of cooling off. In just the past month there have been multiple sales of his National Treasures RPA /99, all topping $25k, with the most recent ending May 26th at $36,000! He may be “Joe Cool” to most, but his market is absolutely on fire.

  4. Jim Brown (RB, Browns): The world lost one of the great ones on May 18th. Jim Brown did as much off the field as he did on, and his collectibility extends well beyond just football fans. It doesn’t hurt that his 1958 Topps RC is arguably one of the most iconic football cards in existence. It should come as no surprise that, since his passing, his market has soared, With SGC 3 & PSA 4 copies of his RC topping $1100+. His impact on football (and the world) will only continue to grow. R.I.P. to an absolute legend.

  5. Justin Jefferson (WR, Vikings): The first WR on the list, Jefferson is quickly establishing himself as one of, if not THE, best WR in the league. Or at least that’s how collectors seem to view him. His RC Autographs in particular have seen a steady increase, up almost 25% from this time last year. Where most players saw a dip, Jefferson continued to rise. As the season inches closer, his cards are selling like crazy. His NT RPA /10 sold for a staggering $25k last month. An amazing number for a WR, who are often overlooked in the collecting world. Jefferson, however, is forcing collectors to pay attention.

  6. Anthony Richardson (QB, Colts): The only player to make the Hot List without any NFL-licensed cards, Richardson is most likely the biggest surprise on this months list. And while he may have been overshadowed in the draft by other QB’s, post-draft it’s clear collectors are expecting big things from the Rookie. Since the beginning of 2023, his autos have exploded, going from an avg. of $30 to an incredible $140+! With the rumored Fanatics exclusive, the big question will be if he has ANY NFL-licensed autos to chase this year. But for now, collectors have gone all-in on his Bowman U/Topps cards, setting up an interesting story to follow as we head into the season.

  7. Justin Fields (QB, Bears): There’s always that one QB that, despite his previous years production (or lack thereof), collectors still have faith in. And while there are plenty of QB’s who fall in that category, it’s Fields who has seen the biggest off-season bump. His Prizm RC Auto Silver in particular has seen an incredible jump, up almost 50% in the past 6 months with the most recent sale hitting $600 raw! It’s clear collectors expect much more than we saw last year from the young QB. Will the production follow the hype?

  8. Ja’Marr Chase (WR, Bengals): Another non-QB to crack the Hot List, Chase is battling Jefferson as THE WR of the future in the hobby. Aided by fellow Hot List member Joe Cool, Chase has put up incredible numbers on the field, and amazing sales in the hobby. One of the most purchased WR’s in the league, his hobby value has continued to rise, even during the off-season. Over the past six months his RC Autos have seen over a 50% increase in price, with his Prizm Black Finite 1/1 selling this past month for $6,500! His QB may steal some of his shine, but Chase is forcing collectors to pay attention to him with his incredible production.

  9. Jordan Love (QB, Packers): Replacing a legend is never easy, but Jordan Love has been groomed for years for this exact moment. With future HOF Aaron Rodgers off to NY, the time is now for J-Lo, and collectors are scooping his cards up at an alarming rate. Since November of last year, his avg. auto has DOUBLED in price, and his total searches & sales are near the top of the league the last few months. Collectors have waited for years to see what Love can do, and it’s clear many collectors expect big things.

  10. Desmond Ridder (QB, Falcons): Rounding out the inaugural NFL Hot List is 2nd year QB Desmond Ridder. Every year there’s that one (or more) QB that takes a massive leap from his rookie campaign. Based off sales and searches, collectors are betting heavily on Ridder taking a seismic leap in year two. His autos in particular are soaring, up almost 30% in the past month alone! His Prizm RC Auto Gold Vinyl /5 sold last month for a staggering $4,100 (raw). As we head into the 2023 season, collectors seem to be betting on Ridder to be the next QB to take that leap.

That concludes this months NFL Hot List. Which players will move up (or on to) the Hot List, and which ones will fall? With so many worthy players and only 10 spots, it’s going to be a battle! Tune in next month to find out!


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