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Top 10 ChatGPT Card Sets Of All Time

  • AI text generating tool ChatGPT was asked to name the top 10 best cardsets of all time

  • On ChatGPT you can ask it to write whatever you want. For example, we use it on the Morning Minute Podcast for episode title ideas

I’d wondered when wunderkind tech bot ChatGPT would get involved with cards. Sports Card Investor put it to the test the other day and it came up with its top 10 card sets.

I have my reservations about a computer deciding what’s best in the hobby world, for the most part. If cards from a particular set aren’t selling or aren’t desired, an AI tool suggesting that set is a waste of time.

In other words, if you’re using AI as a way to “comp” cards you’re selling and telling people “It is priced at X because AI software says it’s the 3rd ranked set of all time” I think that is horrendous for the hobby. It will

cause nothing but headaches for awhile.

However, if you’re using AI software to help you maybe find a new set that you’d like to collect or to find an under the radar athlete to collect, it’s a great research tool in that aspect! I’m curious to see how AI will impact the hobby going forward, but only time will tell!


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