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What’s Hot going into the Spring

Welcome to the MLB season.  One of the questions people ask frequently in the shop or on social media “ what is everyone buying or looking for?”   Since we sell so many different genres I figured I’d break it down by sport and genre.   


This year more than any previous season people have been clamoring for 2024 Topps series 1 baseball.  The rookie class is phenomenal, the design is refreshed, and it’s the beginning of the baseball card year.  This year unlike years in the past it’s been tough to keep series 1 on the shelves.  It’s been a tough restock and when it’s stocked it sells out fairly quickly.  The refreshed design probably gets the credit for this along with a hobby that’s growing again.


Football right now has taken a step back for baseball and basketball.  People do want the new release product and are buying out of the $1-5 boxes.  Players are regional the bills, Steelers, eagles, giants and jets.  Player wise stroud, Allen , and mahomes top the list.  Football is definitely on the back burner likely till draft and preseason hype starts up.


Caitlin Clark, WEmby, and GG Jackson.  Everyday the ask and calls are for those 3 players.   The cards don’t last long in the cases and wax with their rookies are extremely popular and sell through quickly, especially bowman products with Clark.   The hottest basketball product by far is 23/24 prizm including monopoly.  These products in both breaks and shelf stock sell quickly.  IMO the mega boxes and monopoly are the best 2 values and it seems customers agree!


Connor Bedard and upper deck series 2 hockey.  People are looking for those 2 items but also have gravitated to other singles in the store. Hockey is getting more love now than it has in a long time, and the credit goes to Connor Bedard.

Non Sports TCG

I can’t say anything other than TCG and non sport cards is hot right now.

Pokémon you have 151 that’s still sought after more than 6 months after release and Temporal Forces which introduced A new mechanic in the game.  New cards and rotation has helped generate interest in the new scarlet and violet generation, While 151 is nostalgic and playable.

Magic the gathering has had 1 stinker in the murders at Karlov manor.  Fallout was a huge success and thunder junction that releases Friday has a lot of hype around it.  Magic has seems to learn that the TCG has to be collectible along with playable to be successful. The collectors boxes seem to have a much lower print run and have increased in desirability.  Play boxes are providing more value to the players and collectors.

Lorcana was popular, but has exploded in the last 2 months.  Boxes were selling a little slower but as April started the product began flying off the shelves again. Both players and collectors buying it up for different reasons completely.  In may there will be a new set Ursula’s Revenge which is rumored to include some new rarities.  People are already looking to get this product in their hands.  The manufacturer has stated that online sales are not allowed until the end of may.  This should help collectors and player get the product in their hands at the local shops.

That’s what is bringing interest in the stores at the beginning of quarter 2.  In our next article we will be talking about attending our first Topps conference.  Until than enjoy the hobby!!


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