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An Open Letter to Fanatics – Embracing Innovation for a 10x Evolution

Updated: Jun 28

In the tapestry of our shared passion for collecting, I find myself compelled to address a topic that resonates deeply with me: the future of our beloved hobby. For over five decades, I've walked this path of discovery, navigating through the wax-coated nostalgia of yesteryears with not only cracking open packs but the past exposure through food issue and merchandise. And yet, as we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, I believe there lies a transformative potential awaiting our embrace.

Let me rewind to the genesis of my journey, a time when the allure of collecting was woven into the fabric of everyday life. It wasn't just about the packs of cards purchased from the corner store; it was the marriage of sports and everyday essentials that fueled my passion. From cereal boxes boasting coveted sports premiums to beverage labels promising a glimpse into the world of a star athlete, these premiums were overly abundant, each offering a unique gateway, all leading up to collecting sports cards, the consistent resolve of so many over the decades. 

Fast forward to the present, and it's evident that our landscape has shifted. While the allure of cards still remains strong, the winds of change whisper of untapped potential lying dormant beyond the confines of traditional packs. In an era dominated by social media and headline-grabbing auctions, it's time to look beyond the familiar and once again venture into uncharted territory.

I would love to see a world where the art of collecting transcends the boundaries of cardboard confines, where almost every meal becomes a potential portal into our shared passion. Imagine partnering with household brands to offer exclusive sports-themed premiums, tantalizing collectors with the prospect of uncovering treasures alongside their morning cereal or afternoon snack. It's a symbiotic relationship that not only revitalizes our hobby but also enriches the everyday experiences of enthusiasts young and old.

But why stop there? Let's extend an olive branch to the fans, the heartbeat of our collective fervor. By diversifying our offerings to encompass not just cards but also equipment, merchandise, and unforgettable experiences, we reopen the doors to a realm of possibilities previously explored, albeit not for decades. Imagine attending a game and being greeted not only by the roar of the crowd but also by the promise of specially curated pack, each containing a chance to win a piece of sports merchandise or a percentage discount thereof, maybe a ticket to an unforgettable sporting event, encapsulated with a few cards of the fan's favorite players. 

With each innovation, we have the opportunity to breathe new life into our beloved hobby, to usher in an era of growth and evolution that transcends the confines of what I believe is of late; stagnated tradition. So, let us push the boundaries of what could be possible by extending the sports licensing. By doing so, this would pave the way for a future where the spirit of collecting thrives in ways that we once had and reward our youth with the hobby they deserve, for not only now but when they revel to look back upon, in their future. 


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