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Podcasts & Video

You might see the YouTube Channel of someone you know or you may find a new Content Creator while here. This page is carefully curated for a variety of Content related to Sports Cards and Collecting.

Bench Clear Media

Provide the #1 network of thought provoking, unbiased, and insightful hobby content in the sports card industry.


Junk Wax Hero

Sports cards storytelling. Collector of vintage and junk wax era baseball and basketball cards, especially baseball HOF autographs.


Sports Card Nation Podcast

Weekly Friday Podcast about Sports Cards & Sports, great interviews. Content & sometimes giveaways.


Victor, The Rookie Card Specialist

Victor, The Rookie Specialist, looks at the past and present-day status of the rookie card all in an effort to better understand the future of this hobby icon.

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Sports Cards Live

Welcome to Sports Cards Live! The live and interactive sports card talk show where you are part of the show.

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Adam @herosforsale

Herosforsale on all platforms

Content Marketing Manager @hobbynewsdaily 

Co-Host on @hobbyhotline

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Videos released every Wednesday and Sunday. Come for the analysis, stay for the poor production quality! My sports card videos will generally focus on data analysis, economics, and business.

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DoubleD Vintage Baseball Cards

My name is Dylan and I have been collecting baseball cards since I was 6 years old in 1986. I am also a Top Seller on Ebay and have been selling cards on there for 20 years under the name 31414sportscards.

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