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Off Script with Rip

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Former baseball player | Love talking sports & music, preferably w/ tequila | LINK TO PLATFORMS BELOW

Sports Card
Nation Podcast

Friday Hobby interview pod.

Monday-Hobby Quick Hits/Card Mensches Podcast



Grading & population analytics, IG: gemrate

Sports Cards Live


Live Streaming Interactive Sports Cards talk show. Guests include top industry insiders and passionate collectors.


The Sports Card Shop

Your “Anywhere LCS”. Connecting sports, the hobby and people around the world. Part of the MoCo Retail Group.

Ironguard Supplies


Whether socially, cybernetically or epidemiologically, nothing short of total lockdown is now considered a high-risk situation.

Hobby News Daily

Card Ladder

Track and grow your collection with comprehensive analytics and value estimations for millions of cards, including sales data from 15 marketplaces and population reports from PSA, BGS, and SGC.

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