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Collect What You Love

Updated: Jul 15

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports card collecting, the idea of "collecting what you love" has become a mantra for those seeking to cultivate a genuine and meaningful relationship with their collections. The journey of curating a collection can be a complex one, often fraught with the desire to conform to external expectations, or mirror the collections of others. In the beginning of my journey, I was doing exactly that. However, as my journey evolved, I began to recognize the importance of embracing my own unique preferences and I started to allow my personality to shine through my collection. At the core of this pursuit lies the belief that it is indeed easier to be oneself than to be someone else. This self-discovery has allowed me to assemble a collection that is a reflection of my own style and personality. It has also enabled me to create a space that I am proud of; one that I can call my own, and something that I’m excited to share. 

One of the challenges I faced early on in my collecting journey was the constant pressure of feeling as though I needed to conform to external norms. I felt as though I needed to collect certain cards simply because everyone else collected them, and deemed them more desirable. I felt a need to fit in, and this created a disconnect for me. I felt separated from my own personal interest and preferences, and I felt as though I was not being true to myself. My collection was not a true representation of me as a person, but a representation of the industry as a whole. I decided it was time for me to make changes that would allow me to enjoy the hobby the way it was intended to be. Over time I realized that I got more enjoyment from embracing my own unique style. I started collecting players that resonated with me. Not because of their stat lines, or potential future value, but because of the way they made me feel. I took pride in collecting what I liked, even though sometimes people didn’t understand why. I no longer spent my days researching which players I should invest in, and I embraced my own unique tastes which was the key to finding fulfillment and authenticity in the hobby.

My collection, like me, is ever evolving. I went from collecting the greats, to collecting what I like. I went from wanting to fit in, to finding myself. I created relationships with hobbyists who enjoy me for me, and enjoy the hobby the way I enjoy it. My advice to anyone in the hobby is to stay true to yourself. Take time to express yourself through your collection. Find sports you enjoy watching, and invest in players that you like. A hobby is supposed to be fun and exciting, and keep in mind that it’s so much better when you “Collect What You Love”!


Amen! If you're truly a collector, then it shouldn't be all about the cash value. I feel like all these "influencers" are trying to make everyone's collection consist of the same 50-100 graded rookie cards of the GOATs and nothing else is of any consequence. No thanks....

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