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My New Year's Resolution

I sometime kiddingly say I'm old and those old-school ways are better than what we have going on today. Sometimes there is a legit reason why I prefer the old way and sometimes I'm just intractable.  Recently, I had one of those moments where I realized why I prefer the old ways but know how to adapt to the new.

I got letters from my insurance company asking me nicely to switch from going to the pharmacy down the street to doing mail-order prescriptions. Thankfully I don't have a lot of prescriptions and that change will be relatively smooth. But to me, there is a joy into going to the local pharmacy and seeing what is there and also purchasing some things if we need them for any reason at the house. But to me, the most important thing is the inter-personal (or what some people are calling soft interactions) which help liven up a day. There is getting to be data showing those types of interactions is actually beneficial to us as people. I'm sure I'll get used to having prescriptions show up in the mail and every 90 days which makes them easier to deal with on many levels.

All this is prologue to the real point though and this is where you can hold my feet to the fire so to speak. Since I'm railing like the old man on the lawn about having to make changes. If you know me well enough, I can be the example of the older guy saying why break something which is not broken.

Ok so my resolution for 2024 will be to even more accessible and friendly when I'm at a show or at a store. Sometimes I get so caught up in things that I'm not as courteous or able to talk to people the way I should. I will say I personally think I did a lot better at the 2023 NSCC than in the past. Of course, the fact the heat was literally on made stopping at people's tables easier especially if they let come behind and talk to them. Gave me a nice break from that oppressive atmosphere. So if I fail in this next year, please feel free to call me out and tell me I failed on this resolution.

This is just a really cool photo so you can recognize me :)

Enjoy your holidays! and we'll talk next year!


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