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The National is Almost Here!

Updated: 6 days ago

July is finally here and The National is right around the corner and I can’t wait to see everybody! This is my 7th National! The last time it was in Cleveland I was 10, and I was there on official business as Brody The TOPPS Kid! I am excited to go back, it is a great place and I know you all will love it!  To start of the article this month, I have some tips to help you take on the NSCC!

        1. Wear comfortable shoes because half of the convention center’s floor is hard and it hurts your feet. Trust me!

        2. Make a plan on Day 1. You need to plan out your day or days to make sure you can see as much of the show as possible! The layout of the convention center has grown and grown over the years. Check my social media and The NSCC socials for announcements and special events each morning and during the day. Lots of cool things pop up! 

        3. Topps/Fanatics, Upper Deck, Panini, Leaf, Wild Card and other big companies do a lot of promotions at The National so I recommend visiting each of their booths to see what they’re doing each day. I have won some great stuff at these booths over the years, they are a no miss!

        4. Don’t Sleep on the Main Stage! There’s a lot of knowledgeable people on the schedule and a wide variety of topics are featured. There are also giveaways depending on who is there, so I recommend checking it out. There are also chairs to watch the events on the stage so you can take a break, too!

        5. Add these booths to your plan! They are some of my favorite booths.  Singles Club, Dave and Adam’s, Steel City Collectibles, Jersey Fusion, Bel Air Sports Cards, RBICRU7, Top Shelf Breaks, and Indy Card Exchange. They always have great deals and have great people working the booths, so check them out and tell them BrodyTK sent you! 

If you get to Singles Club 5 minutes after the show starts, you are too late…Dr. Beckett already found all the best cards!!

        6.  There are over 100 autograph signers appearing through Tristar, so if you are into getting autos and meeting players, make sure to check out the listing! There are lots of great names, so there will be something for everyone. 


 Bonus Fun Fact: There is a ferris wheel in the middle of the Convention Center.

 Last tip: Keep your eyes out for people that may be walking around. For example, Derek Jeter and Brian Urlacher were walking around last year. Also, Chance, the Vegas Golden Knights mascot was at the Upper Deck booth, as well as AEW’s Skyy Blue for the wrestling fans out there. You never know who you will see walking by, looking for cards just like you!

SPOILER ALERT: I will be giving away TICKETS TO THE NATIONAL! Make sure you follow me on Insta: BrodyTheKid1 or X: BrodyTK to find out how to win!

Hobby Secret:

Also before you go, let me tell you guys a little secret. Brenton Doyle of the Colorado Rockies is the best kept secret in the Hobby. He’s hitting for average, for power, and he’s one of the fastest players in the MLB. He is also the best Center Fielder in the league. He just had two plays in the SportsCenter Top 10 on the same day against the White Sox, including one that saved the game. I would strongly recommend to pick up one of his cheap rookie autos because he is a future star. I am a huge Brenton fan, and I think you will be too!

I interviewed him in 2020, you can check that out by clicking here:

Big News!

I am super stoked to announce I am joining the team at MBB Card Community Marketplace on District App! I will be bringing a ton of card and hobby content and I have a few fun tricks up my sleeve coming soon. Make sure you check it out at

It is a great month to be a collector, and I can’t wait to see everyone at The National, come say hi! Remember to follow me on Youtube, X and Instagram for your chance to WIN tickets to The National! Let’s Go!



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