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2024 TCG Market Preview

Magic the Gathering

Hasbro and wizards of the coast 2024 could be entirely dependent on the release of Ravnica Remastered in early January 2024. Dealers, players and collectors have seemingly been waiting out this release. In the past 2 years MTG has been printed to oblivion and have left both Game stores and collectors dissatisfied with dumps of products on Amazon and never ending reprints. These actions have left dealers ordering minimal product and collectors shying away. Seemingly Hasbro has listened to customers of every level and reduced print runs to avoid having to dump product and bring back rarity to some pieces in the game. All distributors have messaged clients stating there will only be 1 printing of Ravnica Remastered bringing some hope, but as of today most are sitting back and waiting. If Hasbro throws a shock in the market, 8t could be what the MTG market needs to be revitalized again. With momentum of lord of the rings, Dr who, and caverns it would be an absolute disaster if they overprint this set and release a huge disappointment into the MTG community and would be hard to recover in 2024, even with marvel and several video game crossovers expected


Like with hasbro, Pokémon has a very important release in January, although it's not as critical to their 2024 success. Paldean Fates will start the Pokémon year off and if the Japanese release is any indication, this set looks to be very popular. Without a full card list customers and followers on social media are already asking for when the set releases and preorders. There is a ton of excitement behind the product. If this set meets up to expectations it will roll into the the 5th set in the scarlet and violet era. With scarlet and violet having 2 good releases and 2 bad releases outside holiday sets, it's important to make sure this 5th set sets the tone for 2024. The Pokémon market traditionally sees a bump after Christmas in singles and these 2 sets can also add a little bit of spark into the market. The Japanese pokemon market has been on fire since the Japanese 151, the quality and art of the cards are amazing. I think pokemon will regain traction it lost in 2023

One Piece 

This has been the hottest property in 2023. They have people rabid to find cards, but imo they need to make cards a little easier to find. Other than that if they don't change anything this game will continue to be red hot. They added ssp cards and some other collectibles features to keep both the players and collectors happy


It's time to focus on getting people to play the game. The cards are desired and collectible. The fact that people can't find cards to play the game is the only thing hurting this product. I don't think you'll see boxes at $200+ going forward which is great for collectors and players. They've seemed to be able to get more product into stores ( including mine, we got a nice restock weeks before Christmas) now let's focus on making this game a focus going into 2024


They are in a tricky situation. Print more and burn collectors. Keep product scarce and product will continue to rise. This is a product to watch in 2024. They ended 2023 red hot, but have important decisions to make on manufacturing. 

All in all I believe 2024 will be interesting for all collectibles. Some tcg brand have very important January products to get right. And hasbro has probably their most important magic release since the pandemic. Single card markets I believe will be directly attached to new product success. Hopefully for all collectors, the companies get it right


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