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Brody TK Intro & Wrestlemania

Hello everyone! My name is Brody the Kid (Brody TK), and I will be giving you a different type of perspective on our hobby that we love. I’ll be giving you information on products and events coming up from a kid/teen perspective. I’ll also share my opinion on major happenings in #thehobby. Thank you for checking out Hobby News Daily and my article! I can’t wait for everyone to read! Let’s start with some talk about Wrestlemania!

Wrestlemania is on Saturday and Sunday, and will be an awesome event, but I’m also stoked for a product that comes out next week! 2023 Panini Prizm WWE! This will be the first Prizm set with Cody Rhodes included and comes in at around $300 a box. That is an expensive box but not compared to last year’s Prizm WWE. That was the first WWE release, so boxes were upwards of $1,000 on release. Prizm features 2 autographs per box and tons of numbered parallels and other parallels. Stay tuned as if I find any retail of it will be on the Daily Riiip and may be included on “Should you Riiip?” See more below. As for the Wrestlemania show, after this weekend, I can definitely see any Cody Rhodes base cards and autos going up in price and demand, especially if he brings home the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Another wrestler to keep an eye on for me is Austin Theory. His cards are very reasonable right now, but I can see them taking a big jump after his match to kick-off Wrestlemania against John Cena. It should be an awesome event and have a fun impact on the wrestling card market! Who do you think will steal the show?

Every month or so I am going to do an article about a box I open called “Should you Riiip?” I will be opening a blaster or similar and letting you guys know what I thought about the product. I usually will be posting it on my YouTube as well if you want to look at it more. Today, we’re going to be looking at 2022 Panini Rookies and Stars retail packs. At Target, they were $4.99 a pack with 10 cards. There are two rookies per pack with a couple inserts. The 3 coolest cards in my two packs were the Rookie Rush insert of Christian Watson, a green parallel of Nick Chubb and a Man in Motion insert of Najee Harris. These cards are cool and all, but I don’t understand why they are $4.99 a pack when they are not a chrome product. There were also at least 5 veteran base per pack which is too much for $4.99 and also my rookies were lackluster. While a cool-looking product, if you see these, I would pass on them. If you want to open some Rookies and Stars, I would look for the blasters which have higher hit rates and good chances at Rookie Patch Autographs.

Thank you everybody! I’ll see you next time! Peace Out!


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