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Brody TK: What a Month!

Hello Everyone! We are back again and I can’t believe everything that has been going

on in the hobby. Some surprises have popped up in the last month, so let’s get into

those and also do a special “Should You Riiip?”, of an affordable product…if you can

find one, too!

The NFL Players Association has terminated its contract with Panini. I’m not going to

tell you who is winning this case or what is the most likely outcome, check some of

the hobby’s more experienced vets for that speculation… but, what I do know is that

this could make for some interesting things in this year’s football card products. Will

Panini just keep making cards? Will this give Fanatics/Topps an opening to push out

more football products? Will the legal matters give some of the other companies like

Leaf, Wild Card and Sage the opportunity to step up and claim a bigger share of the

football hobby, because they are the only companies producing cards? So far, it looks

like Panini is not slowing down, but we will have to wait and see what happens next!

Whatever comes down, I just hope the products keep flowing for everyone, collectors,

your LCS and the breakers!

Speaking of Leaf Trading Cards, Brian Gray has resigned as CEO at Leaf. This was

surprising to me as he has done a lot of great things at Leaf. Brian said that Leaf will

be in great hands which was great to hear, and he wasn’t lying as they would later

name Kevin O’Neil as the new CEO. Kevin used to be a VP at Topps and oversaw sales,

so he will be in a great position to keep pushing Leaf forward into the future. As for

Brian, he was awesome whenever I worked with him which I will always appreciate

and I cannot wait to see what is next for him. I also think Leaf is heading in a great

direction so it’ll be interesting to see what they do going forward. All the best to

Brian Gray!

NFL Preview:

The NFL season is almost here and the excitement for this year is off the charts! My

#1 guy going into this season for fantasy, for card purchases, for jersey sales,

whatever you are into is QB1, Justin Fields! Justin had a pretty good campaign last

year and this season will show that he is going to just get better and better. Especially

with the additions of DJ Moore at WR and Bears’ top pick Darnell Wright at RT, QB1

has some huge assets at his side that he hasn’t had in his first 2 seasons. The Bears

are my team to look out for this season and look for a huge improvement in record

and possibly a division championship and playoff berth for Justin Fields! Bear Down!

Should you Riiip?

We ripped a 2022 Bowman Platinum blaster box that I found on clearance at Walmart

for $17. Should you Riiip these? I think they are a decent riiip. They have good rookies

and prospects to chase and the cards look nice. We also pulled a green to 99 and it’s

not hard to pull numbered cards or autographs so for $17, I’d at least give one a try!

At the very least, it is a fun riiip and you will add some cards of some top players to

your collection. You can watch my riiip on my youTube, here is the link:

Bray Wyatt tribute:

One of my favorite wrestlers of all time is Bray Wyatt. One of the kindest people to

step into the ring and everyday could give anyone a smile. He created ideas in

professional wrestling that were so spectacular and powerful and will be impossible to

recreate. Whether it was the Wyatt Family, The Fiend, The Firefly Funhouse, Bray

Wyatt was a legend as a wrestler and as a man and I will forever miss seeing him in

the ring and I send my prayers to his family. Rest in peace Bray.

Thank you all for reading! I’ll see you down the road! Peace Out!


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