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BrodyTK: The 2023 National Recap

The 2023 National is in the books! It was absolutely crazy!! It was awesome to see everyone there.

I was a social media ambassador and I had so many cool experiences!

My booth was with Signatures for Soldiers in the breaker area. I hope you were able to stop by and get Free packs, and tons of Brody The Kid swag. It was awesome meeting you guys everyday!

Also, Everyday I would film videos to help everyone find the deals, free breaks and fun stuff to do.

One video I had to film was one of my favorite moments at #NSCC23.I had to be there very early one morning. I didn't know why. While I was waiting, I hid some tickets to the show in the lobby of the convention! i still don’t know who found them, was it you???

Ray Schulte told the group that Derek Jeter was coming, I was super stoked.

We filmed him driving around in a golf cart and then I was able to meet him and get a photo with him at The Arena Club booth. Thanks to Arena Club for an amazing morning!

I filmed with Chicago’s own Brian Urlacher, arranged by Ludex.

Ludex brought him in to do a signing in the VIP lounge. (The lounge was fire this year!)

Brian also made a stop by The Signatures for Soldiers booth to sign some items for the charity auction.

Which leads me to the best part of my responsibilities at The National. Helping Tim from Signatures for Soldiers with The National charity auction. The auction was run by Pristine and they had some really cool cards and memorabilia. I had a few lots in the auction, including tickets to see a TV taping of The Gutfeld! Show with a meet and greet with Fox News star Tyrus! That alone raised $4,000 for the charity, and I am so pumped about it!

Thank you to my man Tyrus for donating such an amazing item for me!

Everyone was so generous at the show and in the auction, so many good things will be done with all the money raised in helping disabled and homeless veterans!

It is booth time!

I am going to talk about some of the booths I enjoyed in Chicago this year, so you can make sure to check them out in Cleveland next year.

Singles Club had cards for 50 cents and there were tons of good deals. They always bring it for the show and it is a must-stop, it is very popular so grab a spot early!

I picked up a 2019 Topps Chrome Eloy Jimenez rookie card for fifty cents!

Bel Air Sports Cards had their mystery boxes again this year and they were a reasonable price, great value for the cost, and had other awesome prizes in them including Mega boxes, hobby boxes and signed jerseys and pictures.

I tried my luck on a few boxes with tons of cool stuff!

Wild Card’s booth this year was massive and a very popular stop daily for a free spin of their giveaway wheel! One free spin just for following them on social media. A winner every time made this a go to booth everyday!

Wild Card does a great job of giving back to collectors.

The new Topps set-up was about 3 times their old size now that they are merged with Fanatics and Fanatics Live. While they still had athlete appearances and the awesome Pack Wars with the one and only Alan Narz, they also added new giveaways, a new card wall and a seating area for events.

I picked up a sweet Acuna Jr. card at the Card Wall and took a try at the Cash Grab machine. I won a huge bag of Topps swag and a 8x10 mystery autograph photo of Kyle Lewis!

I miss the Topps red carpet, but the new one is still the most comfortable at the show.

Upper Deck had a really impressive set-up with a great display of Michael Jordan memorabilia and a massive Connor Bedard wall for the Chicago fans. They also had fun appearances including Chance the Vegas Golden Knights mascot and AEW star Skye Blue in their event area in the second corporate area.

I did a hype video and Chance tried to chomp my head, but let me go and gave me a sweet Chance auto!

Steel City is always a favorite booth of mine.

I go multiple times a day! I picked up a ton of new wax there for great prices.

RBICru7 had THE best wrestling singles I have ever seen. These guys know their wrestling! You can check them out online!

Other booths I always love are Dave and Adams, Goldin (congrats to Ken on a second season of The Goldin Touch!!), and Ebay who always have cool giveaways and guests!

Jersey Fusion had tons of their jersey cards to trade and the new Floor Fusion and Ballpark Fusion cards, be on the lookout for these; they were super cool and will be highly collectible!!

Honorable mention to Gary Vee’s booth “Vee Friends” the booth was constantly packed and they were very generous to the kids! I did a quick video with Gary that will be coming out soon.

This was the biggest and most attended National to date. There was so much to do I feel like I needed 4 more days to see it all!

All of my friends in The Hobby agreed that this was an incredible National and has everyone really amped up for next year!

I Can’t wait for Cleveland. ✌️

Should You Riiip?

I did open a lot of wax during The National and my big hits came from WWE Revolution…see why I recommend it :). I hit an Alexa Bliss KABOOM, Brock Lesnar Kaleido 1/1 and from my WWE Select box I pulled a Mankind auto /60. I also picked up a couple nice WWE cards including an on card Brock Lesnar autograph from Impeccable, from the Stainless Stars subset and a Seth “Freakin” Rollins shirt relic auto from Immaculate.

WWE Revolution has been coming in around $100 a box and in my opinion is a great product. There isn’t a guarantee on autographs or the amount of numbered cards you get, but you get a lot. Every box I have opened besides one has had an autograph or another SSP like a Galactic, Kaboom or Kaleido.

In my Youtube video you can see the Star Gazing Galactic pull of the five-time champ, Booker T. Should You Riiip? WWE Revolution

The Galactics are awesome pulls and even better than autos in my opinion. Also, the parallels look awesome as well. Let me know what you guys think!! Thank you guys so much for reading! I will be having a new episode of Hobby Life show soon so stay tuned!!!

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my trip to The National, To see clips and photos check out my Instagram at BrodyTheKid1 and on Twitter @BrodyTK

I would love to hear your experiences at The National, hit me up on socials!

Peace out 👊🏼



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