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Favorite Fleer sets from the 1980s

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

What’s up everyone! Today we are finishing off the Big 3 from the 80’s by ranking Fleer! I’ll then wrap up this series with my 3 favorite overall sets from the 1980s and rank the Big 3 manufacturers. Let’s go! 

1980’s Fleer

1988 Fleer: I don’t mind this design overall, but the blue and red lines coming across is not a great look and is distracting, so that is why it’s in last place for Fleer!  Although I do love the day/night and home/road breakdowns on the back! Grade: D

1984 Fleer: This is a pretty basic design from Fleer.  I don’t think it’s bad but it is very plain on the front, yet has a solid back.  The front design is nothing special to me. Grade: C-

1982 Fleer: One of the early years of Fleer, it has a different look from other Fleer sets.  Unique, but basic, and definitely a memorable set for me.  I just wish it had something added to the front, like a team or Fleer logo. Grade: C

1989 Fleer: This is the gray with white vertical stripes set. The borders do help it stand out. It’s a decent look, but unfortunately this set was so overproduced that it takes some knocks, because I feel like I have just seen it too much.  Backs are fun though.  Grade: C+

1981 Fleer: The debut of Fleer! This design had a unique basic look that I enjoy for a first year design. Cool photos as well. Also, this design definitely had an influence on the next two sets from Donruss. Grade: B

1985 Fleer: This design has a solid gray outside border with an inside border to match one of the players’ team colors.  This set has a very cool look with a nice prominent team logo. Grade: B+

1986 Fleer: This Fleer design has the dark blue borders and I enjoy it very much. Another cool looking card, the team logo and player info stands out at the bottom of the card in a matching team color. Grade: B+

1987 Fleer: I like the light blue look in this ’87 Fleer design. It’s a way different look than the other companies in the junk wax era which is very sweet. The cards are bright and the solid colored line and team logo at the bottom are very clean looking.  One of my favorite parts is on the card backs with the “Pro Scouts Report” showing the hitters’ hot zones and the pitchers’ pitch ratings.  Fun addition and a preview of all the analytics to come! Grade: A-

1983 Fleer: For me, an iconic design. It’s a basic design, but a sweet looking card.  The team logos and the color in the player pictures just pop unlike other cards of that era. I also dig the backs, with the full stat lines and the secondary picture. This set just had perfect colors and the look was nailed this year.  I also love the Tony Gwynn RC, just an iconic card in my opinion. Grade: A+

So after reviewing the designs for Topps, Donruss and Fleer, my 3 favorite designs overall from the 1980’s are:

3. 1984 Topps

2. 1983 Fleer 

1. 1983 Topps

My Brand Rankings for The Big 3 in the 1980s are:

3. Donruss 

2. Fleer

1. Topps

  That wraps up my look at the baseball cards in the 1980’s.  Let me know what you think about both Fleer of the 80’s and your overall favorite 1980’s set!  I hope you all had fun on the trip back with me!

  I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and you all are able to get some fun, new cards to add to your collection! Thank you for reading and for supporting me and Hobby News Daily! 

Happy Holidays!

Peace out! 

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