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Five Key Loki Comics To Check Out Before Season Two Drops

Fans of the MCU will soon have a new project to sink their teeth into as season two of Loki is set to hit Disney+ in just a few short weeks. With a return to the Friday release on the streaming platform, episode one is set for October 6th. So, collectors and readers have a chance to catch up on some light reading. With that in mind, here are Five Key Loki Comics To Check Out Before Season Two Drops.

Journey Into Mystery #85

Just in case you weren’t aware, Loki’s story begins in 1962’s Journey Into Mystery #85. That is when Marvel’s Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first brought the character to the page. In fact, there are several firsts in this comic book that you should be aware of. Other than the first appearance of Loki, there are also the first appearances of Thor’s half-brother Balder, Bifrost guardian Heimdall, as well as the Norse god of war, Tyr. Not to mention the first cameo of Odin. Needless to say, you can expect to pay up if you want to add this book to your collection. Low-grade copies can be had in the $1000 range with high-grade copies demanding a premium.

Avengers #23

Jumping ahead to 1965 we find the second book on our list with Avengers #23. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn this was yet another Stan Lee and Jack Kirby project from Marvel. Ravonna Renslayer makes her first appearance here. Looking back to the first season, Ravonna’s character was left open ended with fans perhaps questioning if she would return for a season two. Those worries have since been calmed as she has been spotted in the season two trailer. She’s key to the story because, at least in the comics, she is the love interest of Kang. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the MCU.

Thor #372

The TVA (Time Variance Authority) made their first cameo appearance on the page in Marvel’s 1986 Thor #372. Although just a cameo, the TVA is key to the Loki plot, which you should know by now. Pinned by Walt Simonson, with art by Sal Buscema, this single panel of the TVA headquarters helps explain the multiverse for readers. Now, some 37 years later, the TVA is the backdrop for so much of what is happening in the MCU.

Avengers Annual #21

Marvel published Avengers Annual #21 in July of 1992. In it, Kang makes his first appearance as Victor Timely, a businessman from Timely, WI. This variant of the big bad is a land developer and is set to appear in season two. As Kang alluded to, there are countless variants of himself across the multiverse, so Victor may be one of many viewers will encounter this season.

Timeless #1

The final book on our list is 2021’s Timeless #1. Miss Minutes was introduced in Loki season one, and she finds herself on her first cover here thanks to Humberto Ramos. While viewers were aware of her during the first season, from the looks of the trailer, she may have a bigger impact.


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