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Hobby Drama

Welcome back and thank you for checking out the Hobby News Daily site and my article, let’s get right into it.

There’s been so much drama in the hobby lately and it’s been very frustrating as a collector that you can’t just go a day without some sort of weird drama happening. People can’t just collect what they like anymore, daily scams and controversies, and companies suing each other, which might make Paul Lesko’s hands fall off from having to tweet so much 😂. (If you don’t know who Paul is, he is THE hobby’s attorney. Check him out on Twitter @Paul_Lesko to keep up to date and learn a lot!) Lately in the hobby, there’s so many posts done just for clicks and likes. I think it’s time we go back to old hobby ways and just enjoy The Hobby the way it should be enjoyed with how we entered it and not just trying to make a quick buck. Now, I’m not saying you can’t make money from the hobby, but some of these breaking sites with scams…it just doesn’t feel right. Collect what you love and enjoy, buy, sell, trade the way you love. Enjoy collecting and the friendships the hobby can bring.

Thank you all for reading this article! Stay Positive and I'll see you guys soon! Peace out…WAIT, did you think this article was done?Not SO FAST, my friend! (Shout out to Lee Corso)

WWE cards have been amazing over the past two years and there has been such a boom in the wrestling card hobby. The Rock Prizm Black was the first six figure sale of a modern wrestling card. Select, I believe, has been by far, Panini’s greatest WWE set as hobby, retail, FOTL, Tmall and Lucky Envelopes have all delivered. Let’s not forget either that Upper Deck debuted AEW cards and they were insanely popular among wrestling collectors. Skybox Metal Universe has looked great and there has been absolute fire pulled from this release. The very nice, very evil rookie card of Danhausen is in there as well and it has been a hot one. Wrestling cards have been on a nice rise over these past couple years. Unfortunately, the hobby drama has extended there also as WWE has sued Panini to try and get out of their contract early. I don't know exactly what will happen with the lawsuit, but wrestling cards are definitely back and are here to stay!

Should you Riiip?

Today we have a very interesting Should you Riiip?, as we take a look at a box of Bowman U University of Alabama. I bought this box because I knew this would be an interesting one to talk about. I think this is a great set to collect. It’s only $25, and you are guaranteed a hit from one of the most popular universities in the country. I would love to see this expand into other universities like Georgia, Notre Dame, etc. with huge fanbases and then maybe even Conferences, to get the rest of the schools involved! That would be really cool if you’re a fan of a university like Illinois, which I am. I doubt they would be able to make a whole set of this product, but if they did a Big Ten set you could see some of their bigger names and maybe even some past legends like Red Grange and many more. This is all ideas and thoughts before I even opened the box, so let’s see if my thoughts remain the same after. You can watch the riiip here Brody The Kid Should You Riiip Bowman U

After the Riiip: This box was fun to open! I didn’t know that many of the Alabama guys except the big names, but we got an auto numbered to 99, and an orange parallel to 25! Sign me up for $25!! Definitely go check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments! I’d love this for other universities for sure. The inserts also looked really sharp. Topps gets a gold star on this one.

Thank you all for reading this article! Stay Positive, Enjoy The Hobby, and I’ll see you guys soon! Peace out



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