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Hobby New Years’ Resolutions!

Happy 2024 Everyone! I hope your 2024 has been good so far. Today, I’m going to make a few Hobby Resolutions and break them down slightly as we move in to the new year.  Also an all new “Should You Riiip?”, looking at a blaster box of 2022 Upper Deck Allure AEW.


1.  Selling More (A Lot More!) - Like a lot of us I would guess…I have a lot of cards (too many!!), and I need to start to figure out ways to move some of my collection to limit the space it takes up and make it easier to keep track of what I have.  Obviously, with things like the Daily Riiip, Should You Riiip?, and the fun of riiipping packs and joining breaks, I’m going to keep adding new cards to the collection, so I need to start selling some of it. But how can I do this? I have started to send some boxes to COMC which so far has been very good so I will definitely like to continue that.  I have also started to list some cards on the District app, which is a fun community with breakers, marketplaces and chats. It has some great selling platforms that I hope to use to sell some cards, especially specific products like wrestling. I have posted some cards in the MBB Squared Circle marketplace if you want to check it out on District. (If not, still check it out for some breaks and fun chats). Finally, I hope to add one more online store this year on either Mercari or eBay once I look into it more. Hopefully by getting all of these things going, I will be able to condense some of my collection and also make a little extra money to put towards other things for the PC!

     2.  Posting More. While I post a lot on socials and youTube,  I hope to increase my interactions this year. The simple things even, just some PC posts, interesting things I see at shops or shows, and just sharing experiences in the hobby. I also am hoping to do even more with the Daily Riiip and youTube videos, as those sometimes get tough to keep on schedule because of school and sports. I also want to do more interacting with the others in the hobby, even just liking and reposting more of others’ posts to try and build up more of a  community online as well.

     3.  Try to grow my YouTube channel.  I love opening product online and doing interviews, but it does become hard to stay consistent with everything when life is busy. Also sometimes as we know, product can be pretty costly, but some videos and content can be free so I want to utilize some new ideas to put more things out. I want to share more of my collection in 2024, because the hobby is more fun when sharing it with friends and it can also help to find other collectors that you may not know have similar interests. I am hoping to get more of this type of content out there and grow a bigger following on youTube in 2024.

Those are my hopes and goals for 2024 in the hobby. What are some hobby resolutions you all have made? Let me know?

Should You Riiip? 2022 Upper Deck Allure WWE!

Click this link to go to the box break on my youTube! 

What I think: Like I said in the video, I love this product overall, so it’s a tough call for me, but since Hobby boxes aren’t that much more expensive, I would say pass on blasters and buy a hobby box instead. The blaster is a fun riiip, but for $30, it’s tough to pull autos or numbered cards from retail with only 5 packs in a box, so go with the guarantees of a Hobby Box for only a little more money.

Favorite Hits from the Box: CM Punk Table parallel, MJF table parallel and Kris Statlander Star Futures table parallel.

Have you riiipped any AEW Allure? Do you agree? Let me know what you think!!

I hope you all enjoyed the article! Hit me up here or on socials and share with me some of your hobby resolutions for 2024! And thank you for supporting Hobby News Daily!  Until next month…Peace Out!!! ✌️


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