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Lorcana the Launch

For about a year now the tcg and disney collector base has been impatiently awaiting the release of the new trading card from Disney. Lorcana cards were officially unveiled at D23 a disney fan convention that rivals comic con in popularity. The initial buzz for these cards was enormous with the release of 6 promo cards. Disney fans, card collectors, and Tcg collectors were all hooked. We all began a countdown to Lorcana release. The hype and excitement were there what could go wrong?

Lets talk about the good and the bad of this product:

Let's start with the good. The card quality and the art of the cards and variations are great. Featuring all of our favorite Disney characters from the past and the present, there's something for everyone that is a fan of the Disney universe. The cards are very sturdy and no major quality issues to speak of from the huge amount of people opening the product on YouTube and other social media outlets. The game seems really easy to teach and play and is enjoyable for all ages. There is an overall excitement that has built up for this product, between convention releases and stores being excited about the game there hasn't been much more anticipation for a TCG product other than pokemon 151 like it. That is what has led to the bad of the product.

The very bad of this product is, it should have been delayed. The day the dealers sat down to get their allocations for Lorcana , we all in sync said this product should be delayed until the game could be supported and not scalped. With Stores that sold 100s of cases of pokemon and other tcg products on release dates getting less than 10 total boxes and no structure decks to support play, the frustration began to mount and scalpers began to work. $180 booster boxes began to shoot up in price to $300+ the day allocations released and even higher as release neared, collectors were being priced out before the product had even released. Stores were being dishonest about dedicated play space to get their hands on product. Collectors showing anger online about not being able to find product and being echoed by dealers who didn't receive enough product to host play events. we are 2 weeks into the release and theres no product to be found, tournaments are on hold, and calls from disappointed players learning there is no product available. This is a bad start to game that had a lot of excitement around it. I can only hope Ravensberger has a plan to get the product to collectors soon and that too many dont get dejected by the high prices that have begun the disney lorcana era. there have been many games in the past that started this way including star wars, and failed because of these reasons


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