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May Adat Chaverim Show

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

When I was asked to join the Hobby News Daily group of writers it was, of course, very appreciated. Of course, with the wide variety of talent we have the biggest question is what to pen as a debut article.

If you know me, the answer is fairly simple, it's an update of what we have had to adjust and change in the past three years with our Adat Chaverim show.

When I (we) created this show back in 2014, no one expected the event to be the huge success it has been over the years with a nice amount of dollars raised for the Adat Chaverim Brotherhood charitable efforts and the hundreds if not thousands of collectors and dealers we have brought joy to over the years.

We've been blessed that I chronicled the creation in a series of articles for Sports Collectors Daily and GTS allowed me to run a story in the Klein's Korner column and the COMC blog let me create a feature article as well. We've also been blessed over the years to have given away so many great cards and great prizes. What was a problem when we discovered Texas had a state law which allowed non-profits to only have two raffles/door prizes a year turned out to be the blessing as, well instead of 10 door prizes a show, we created a a bag system with 100-200 cards in each bag and a prize slip inside. We had a fun prize table and even the ever popular "Island of Misfit Toys". I thought that was an innovative title but found out soon enough I had appropriated the title from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Oh well, the thought counts.

By the way, did I mention change. Yes the past three years have been very interesting. As some of you may know, we barely got in the March 2020 show before the world shut down. We had the show on a Sunday and by Friday, we were all hiding in our abodes and learning the joys of hopefully being a short-term couch person. What was interesting was I was able to keep working in my (our) office and several people gave us tons of cards as donations as they had time to go through their collections and give us what they did not want. As the saying goes, the office is now in an almost standard influx of cards. As I write this, there are about 75K cards in the office. That sounds like a lot but just ask my office mates and COMC teammates Angela and Stephan Loeffler how we survived when we had 750K cards and three people working in the office. Let me tell you, we had cards in every possible nook and cranny. As you see room to sit and everything else is cards, cards, cards.

So what has changed in the past three years. Well first Adat moved out of where we are to a nice new but much smaller building. Thus, our table count is down to 20 total tables, 19 in the mail room and the admission table. In addition, we don't do the prizes and the bags as of today (that can change) and instead just run the show as a fun neighborhood show and nice way to go through value boxes during an afternoon. I have in the vernacular sold my office three times in three years and also sold a storage unit and we have been blessed that people keep giving us cards. Since we are a 501C your donations are appreciated and go to good causes as mentioned.

As for me, the show is much easier now as it's a show we only need two people during most of the event now with one at the admission table and one cooking the hot dogs. I should mention, we have a great deal of a Kosher Hot Dog, Can of Soda and chips for all of $3.

We are scheduled for two 2023 shows for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Our Memorial Day show will be May 28 from 10A-4P and May 29 from 11A-3P with a few tables available at just $50 for the two days and the suggested donation at the door of just $1. Adat Chaverim is located at 6000 Custer Rd. #9 Plano, TX 75023 and we look forward to seeing you then!


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