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My World is Changing

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Have you ever seen or heard the commercial with the plaintive voice saying: "I Don't Like Change".

But you know what, change is very important and needed. I was at Beckett for 20 years and near the end of my time there I would tell people, look my job is the same job it was when I came here in 1990 but HOW I do the job is very different. In those pre-internet days, I used to travel to shows about once a month and got to see a lot of the country. I also got to make many friends and connections which helped me and more importantly US with our product and gathering prices. By the end of the time I was traveling once a year and that was for the National. As the hobby evolved and Vintage became more important at the National, it became much easier for everyone to realize that not only were those dealers and collectors "my people" but we also spoke the same language.

Would I like to go back to 1990? Well, I would not mind shaving off three decades of my age but the old school way we gathered information was like doing that with the equivalent of bearskins and knives. Today one can sit at a desk and be overwhelmed by the information available.

Recently my former employer made a change to go back to the future so to speak. After less than a year of having a "Tech" executive as Beckett's CEO they turned to long-time hobby veteran Kevin Isaacson as their new CEO. Now, I have been yelled at by Kevin like many other people in the industry BUT he's the right person to take back the reins at this point. He knows hobbyists, he understands collecting and he knows to listen to the employees who are actually, you know, doing the work. Plus, my friend and mentor Dr. Jim Beckett has a long-time working relationship with him and as such I'm happy for my former teammates and those currently at the new offices in their nice new building. Rest assured, if there will be any changes in Beckett Grading, those changes will be better thought out and collector and employee input will be considered and incorporated into any change. Notice while we may not like change, this change is for the better!

(Image Credit: Beckett Collectables)


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