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Navigating the Hustle: A Casual Chat The Hobby, Millennial Culture, and Staying True

So, there's this meme floating around that says, "Millennial culture is taking your hobbies and turning them into a side hustle, then not having any hobbies." I saw it, chuckled, and then reality hit. Reflecting on my three podcasts, the myriad social media engagements, streaming apps, selling platforms, eBay store, card shows, and the countless articles I contribute to the sports cards world– you name it. It got me wondering, is it really as funny as it seems at first?

Don't get me wrong; a lot of what I do in this space is for the sheer joy of it. The last article I wrote? It was about hobby fatigue and how we drown ourselves in hobby social media. But here's the kicker: maybe, just maybe, some of us are doing this to ourselves. We're turning the things we love into part of this hustle culture.

Sure, hustling is great. I'm all for working hard to make your dreams happen. But, you know, does everything we love have to become a money-making gig? Maybe enjoying a hobby just for the sake of loving it is cool enough.

I mean, take a step back and look at the grand picture. Podcasts, social media, selling stuff – they're cool, but do they have to be more than just a passion project? Sometimes, I wonder if, in our pursuit of side hustles, we're forgetting the simplicity and joy that comes from just loving something without the pressure of turning it into cash.

And you know what else I've noticed? People in our space who seemed to have started for the right reasons or for the love of it are now caught up in some shady business. Or perhaps, someone you used to genuinely enjoy in the space has become unbearably obnoxious and fake. Some are just always so angry and filled with hate and conspiracy theories. Maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't have gone down that route if they weren't trying to keep up with the Joneses, or wrapping their self worth up in something that is supposed to be a hobby. 

So, next time you're caught up in the grind, take a pause. Enjoy your hobby for what it is – a source of happiness, free from the rat race. Because not everything needs to be turned into a money-making machine. Sometimes, the real value lies in just loving what you do and staying true to why you started in the first place.


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