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November Story

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The other day I was having a conversation with the community leader here at Regus where I (we) have our COMC DFW office. The office location ended up being quite a nice blessing as the uber successful Dallas Card Show is literally a few hundred feet away and you can walk to the show from the office. Now as a fan of actually walking to a show, that's pretty good. Yes, I have to drive to the show but it's all of a 10-minute drive to the office so it's a blessing the show is so close to where I live.

And since we are talking about blessings the discussion we had was about how Thanksgiving was at the time literally just two weeks away from that date. The young lady did not realize how quickly the end of the year holidays were coming up. You may wonder why I'm spending all this time on a lead-in to the meat of the story. Well, the point is here in the DFW there are a couple of holiday events scheduled but based on last year's event a not to be missed event is the Secret Santa/Trade Night event sponsored by the Triple Cards family of stores. There are now four Triple Cards in the DFW area and the family includes the Beast Sportscards (which I always describe as the model for what a modern card store is) and Sappy's.

I did attend last year and while the price point to entry is higher this year I suspect everything else will be a bit better as hard as that is to believe. One thing about Secret Santa is you get to be a giftee and a giftor and hopefully everyone walks away happy. (As a note, I've screwed this up once in my life so I'm now extra careful to be better than I should be).

But what if you don't live in the DFW area, well I can tell you there are plenty of on-line ways of doing this as well. Last year, one of the webcasts I listen to (Beau Spencer Thompson's Hobby Evolution) had a "Couch People Holiday Party" and that became the most popular you tube video he has ever had. There will be an Hobby Evolution holiday party again with a Secret Santa part attached and I will be coordinating this.

This is a link to last year's video. When I clicked on, one of the participants was Ethan Roberts, Chicago Cubs pitcher and collector extraordinaire. You might also see me at some point but don't let that visage scare you away from the fun time.

(84) Couch People Christmas Party Live Stream - YouTube

I will be also coordinating the Net 54 Holiday Secret Santa exchange. Over the years, some great cards and memorabilia have been gifted to the users old and new. The best part is the price points for these are very reasonable. In addition, before I sold out my inventory at the beginning of 2022, I also participated in the Vintage Football Cards gift exchange. The primary moderator of that board does a great job of keeping the goodies flowing to all concerned,

So yes, I do realize it's November and our primary focus right now for many of us is what are doing or preparing for Thanksgiving but rest assured December will be upon us sooner than we realize and thinking about what gifts we'd like to give or receive makes this one of the best seasons of the year.


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