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Pokemon collecting tools

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

TCGPlayer App - this app is available on all smart phone operating systems. This is a marketplace, most recently purchased by eBay. The big feature of this website is the ability to scan your card and know the value, the set, and list the item for sale in seconds. While you have to verify it is the correct card the accuracy is above 90% imo this is the biggest tool you'll use in your pokemon or other tcg collecting and selling venture.

Pokellector APP - this is a dream for set collectors. It's a checklist that's available on your phone. The full set can be pulled up or if you choose to collect certain pokemon you can search by name and check off. My daughter and I have been using this in her adventure to collect every pikachu made. Ease of use and ability to pull up checklists anywhere, make this a must have for the collector.

Youtube - if your a beginner or a parent of a child wanting to learn more, this is a great starting point. Search your questions and look for videos. When I started getting involved in the pokemon collecting world this is where I got the most info. There's videos for collecting, investing, and information on just about anything you can think of , including the Japanese market.

Ebay- this is more for value and a back up for the times tcg player isn't working properly. The bottom left or right of the card will have card numbering. Most will look like xx/xx. That number can be typed into ebay and almost always will come up in search, sometimes you'll have to add pokemon name. But as with other collectibles ebay will give an accurate value and recent sold.

Those are the main tools I use for collecting and selling. Do you have other tools you like to use? Post them in the comments below.


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