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Ranking the 2010s Topps Designs

What’s up Hobby Fam! Today we are going to talk about a couple big new releases, and I am ranking another decade of Topps’ designs. Let’s go!!

 Prizm Basketball has been released and the main thing I want to talk about with this product is the number of parallels! There are 63 different parallels for each card. So, that means Victor Wembanyama has 63 different versions of his Prizm “curtain” card. This seems like A LOT of different parallels and just seems like there is likely being too much produced of the set. Additionally, anyone trying to do a rainbow of one of their favorite players, like I would with Ayo Dosunmu, will have to pay a pretty penny to track down all these cards. 

 2024 Topps Series One releases today! We’ve seen the design and some of the cards including the Elly de la Cruz RC. Let me know what you all think of this brand-new release after you see some riiiped, or open some for yourself. This is always such an exciting time of the year for the hobby! A new season of cards is here, and Opening Day is not far away! 

 Today I am ranking the 2010s Topps Designs. I am mainly looking at the front of cards, as the backs are very similar each year but I will mention the back if there is something cool about it. The mid-late part of the decade was my start in collecting, so this is a huge decade for me!

2010: None of these designs are bad during the 2010s as they took a big step forward in designs. This design is just a little hard to read but besides that it is not too bad. Grade: C

2013: 2013 and 2014 Topps are so similar, and I like 2014 slightly better because of the little design on the bottom. 2013 is a basic White bordered design that is decent. Grade: C+

2015 Topps: This is the one unique looking design compared to the others in this decade. It has more colors, and I don’t dislike that part, I just like some of the other designs better so that’s why it sits this low. Grade: B-

2011 Topps: Home of the Mike Trout rookie card, this design has become iconic, so I enjoy seeing other cards from the set in this design. It’s solid, but we’re in the modern era of designs so for me, solid won’t get you to the top of the class. Grade: B

2012 Topps: Similar in some ways to 2011 Topps, I like this design, it looks cool. But there are some deigns we are going to get to that I think are better. The backs of these are cool with the little swoosh looking design. Grade: B+

2017 Topps: This holds a special place in my card collecting world because this was really when I had gotten into collecting full go. The design is decent, the gray is a little bland, but I had to put it high because I opened so much of it, and it will always be one of my favorites!

Grade: B+

2014 Topps: I know I said this is really similar to 2013 Topps but the slight change at the bottom of the card makes all the difference to me. It has a little foreshadow look to 2018 with the cool loop at the bottom and I dig it. Grade: A-

2019 Topps: I enjoyed this design a lot and I saw so much of this riiiped during 2019. The only thing I wish was changed is how small the first name is. I did like the concept of changing it up with last name being the focus, I just wish the first name was a little bigger. Grade: A

2016 Topps: I love the 2016 Topps design; it looks great with the exploding look. The logo on the bottom left is sweet. I was just starting to really get into collecting during these releases, but when I purchase cards from this set now, I wish I would have even picked up more back then. Just such a cool looking set. Grade A+

2018 Topps: This is my favorite design ever. The colors on these just pop so cool and I do not think they are going to ever top it for me. I am just grading the base set design, but if you are bored, look up a gold /2018 and see how cool those look. Grade: A++

Let me know what you think and where you grade the 2010’s!!

That’s it for this month, my fellow hobby people! Have a blast riiipping some Series 1 and remember why you love collecting baseball cards! Let me know what your favorite pull is and keep an eye on my socials because I will definitely share some. See you all in 4 weeks when it will almost be Opening Day and we can look ahead to the 2024 MLB Season. Thanks for reading!

Peace out!



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