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Rare Pokémon Trading Card Collection on Antiques Roadshow

Instant Reaction

  • A guest on the popular show Antique Roadshow

  • 150 original Pokémon cards in a binder, including holos

  • 2 different printed variations from the original set

Not very often on these TV shows, do we find much related to the hobby, if ever! That in and of

itself is pretty cool. The binder, which is worth thousands, if not more, is a reminder that I

probably threw away plenty of old Pokémon cards – ouch. The highlights of the binder including

a holographic Charizard valued at $2,000 plus, which is down significantly from its’ peak of

$5,000 plus last year.

A rare set of original Pokémon cards is my generation’s T206 Honus Wagner. Okay, maybe

that’s an exaggeration but a really cool discovery without a doubt. Non sports cards are far

from my area of expertise & I don’t collect them, but hopefully after reading this, you check

your old stuff that your parents are keeping for you in their attic if you’re in your mid 30s like I



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