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Tales and Sales from the front lines - From Rex Gotcher Head Coach - The Sports Card Shop - April

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

In this monthly column, we'll share our sales goals and actual results.

We'll also share any shop stories we think are interesting, relevant or entertaining.

Here are the latest numbers:

Jan 2023 +56% vs. Jan 2022

Feb 2023 -2.4% vs. Feb 2022

March 2023 +4.9% vs March 2022

1st Quarter 2023 +5.7% vs 1st quarter 2022

With 4 days left in the calendar month, April results have been tremendous. Especially considering that April 2022 was our 2nd highest sales month in history. As of today, we’ve already surpassed April 2022 full month sales by 6.3%

This is very encouraging as we work to open our 2nd shop in Valparaiso,


Regarding that, opening a new shop brings a whole new set of challenges. And progress is a bit slower than we’d like.

From signing and graphics, to POS, Inventory Management and CRM systems and city permits,

it all has to come together so we can give collectors the best experience possible. And it will.

On the positive side, we’re going to be staffing our shops using a different model than most. In a nutshell, we won’t have any employees.

Yes, You heard that right.

Tina, Max, Owen and I will all be heavily involved, as always. Additional help will come from our strategic partners.

Early this year, we identified and recruited 3 key hobby entrepreneurs that want to help us and each other collectively grow all our businesses.

Rick from Father ‘n Sons Sports Memorabilia will handle all in-shop athlete appearances and head up the memorabilia sales at both shops.

Scott from ToppChoice Sports Cards will be on hand at both shops to buy, sell and trade sports cards weekly. Scott also has a YouTube channel where he previews new release products for us as and is an active eBay dealer

Last, but not least, Ben from HB cards will represent us at regional card shows, including his own highly successful bi-monthly show in South Bend, Indiana. He’ll also be at the shop wheeling and dealing Pokémon cards on a regular basis.

All 3 of these hobby entrepreneurs have already started contributing, and we’re excited about what we’ve been able to do together.

The future looks bright!

So there you have it. I present to you, the New All-Star Team at The Sports Card Shop

GM - Tina Gotcher

Head Coach - Rex Gotcher

Asst Coach Owen Gotcher

Asst Coach Max Gotcher

Memorabilia Director Rick Edgerle

New Release Marketing Coordinator - Scott Wilson

Card Show Coordinator - Ben Williams

See you next month!


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