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The National is almost here and we are so excited for it!

First let’s talk a little about last year. Last year was held in Atlantic City and was really fun. One of my favorite experiences was filming a podcast with CK from Top Shelf Breaks. We talked about the National for a while and then opened a hobby box of Prizm WWE. I pulled a John Cena auto! I had a great time as The Official Kid Host, doing interviews, checking out dealer and corporate booths and meeting so many card collectors! Atlantic city was a blast, and now I am ready for The National 2023!

The National is in my backyard, CHICAGO!. It is always so exciting at The National in Chicago and it is getting bigger and better than ever. I will be there by Signatures For Soldiers by the breakers room, just like I have been for the past two years if you want to come check me out. Let’s dive into The National 2023.

I am excited to see Shane Bieber will be there signing for Tristar, which is awesome because there are not usually many current baseball players at The National. Because the Guardians are in town, Shane will be onsite doing a signing.

This year there are two separate corporate areas which will be interesting to see how big each corporate booth is and to see if any of the booths make changes after they’ve been bought by other companies.

A helpful tip is to get your night events scheduled in advance each day as there are lots of after hour things to do. White Sox games, company parties and many trade nights you can attend. Some hotel lobby trade nights go all night long!

I am very intrigued for The Topps Q&A. They do this every year at The National, but this year should be interesting to see what they do with all the changes.

I am very interested to see what questions are being asked to Topps employees about the future of the company, the sports being added to the brands, and also what they may be looking to acquire in the future. Will there be any surprises? All can be asked at the Q&A this year. They usually also give out a nice item to those who attend, so head to the Topps booth first thing if you want to try and grab a spot!

Make sure you check out The National Charity Auction, which is raising money for Signature’s For Soldiers. There will be some amazing stuff in the auction, including a really cool and unique surprise from me! Keep an eye on this link for when the auction goes live!

I will cover more of The National in my next blog, so stay tuned!

(2023 Bowman Mega - Should You Riiip?)

In 2018, Bowman Mega Boxes used to have a $14.99 price printed on the box with no veterans in the mojo packs. Now they are $45 at Target with veterans in the mojo packs. These are not a good box to rip in my opinion unless you’re going to buy multiple. We did pull a nice rookie insert and one of the top rookies along with great veterans, but I don’t think the value is there with no numbered cards or autographs. If you do buy multiple boxes, you have a better sample size for the chance at autographs or numbered cards. I think that would be your best option, since when you do hit in this product, you hit big. You can check out my box Riiip on YouTube here:

Do you agree with me on this Riiip? Let me know what you think!

Peace out!



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