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The Willow Bend Follow Up and the Card Collecting Hobby

In our last article, we discussed Willow Bend Mall and some of the issues they have faced over the years. The point last month was Willow Bend had new ownership and their marketing department was on the game in helping the mall return to where they were pre-pandemic. The reason for this is then the next step of the Willow Bend evolution would be easier to accomplish.

And since last month there has actually been some activity in moving towards the new mall owner goal. The plan they had for the mall's evolution was approved unanimously by the planning department and then the city council gave a 6-2 vote to approve the proposal. 

The point of this part of the Willow Bend story is the new owners had a game plan. They worked to achieve their goals and are ready for their next part of the project.  And we in the sports collectors hobby should always have a game plan. We do understand things can change, players you don't expect get really popular for either their on-field performance or because they are in the news. (Travis Kelce anyone).

Yes, if you have a plan, then it's easier to make necessary adjustments.

I will be interested to see if Travis and Taylor can continue their relationship and I will be interested to see if Willow Bend can complete their new world and I will be interested to see if I can continue what I began two years ago when I started all over again as a card dealer.


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