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Topps Confirms Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards In Bowman and Inception

The question of which company is going to be getting the first Victor Wembanyama cards looks to be over. Panini still owns the basketball license to Topps can't make licensed basketball cards for a few more years but a few weeks ago it was announced Topps was planning on making NBA cards for the upcoming season.

What this exactly means we still dont know but over the past few days, Topps has been rolling a few things out. First they released the checklist for Bowman Inception and Victor Wembanyama name appeared on the list. Then we started seeing the designs for the product and there was Wembanyama's cards.

The Bowman chrome U basketball set was supposed to be released at the start of May, based on their orginally announcement of the product but the release date was pushed back to some point in June. It looks like we might know why now, it was because they were trying to get Wembanyama on the checklist.

In the tweet about it looks like GTS confirmed the image of his card and that he is going to be on the check list. Below is the full image of the promotional card and just like Bowman Inception, it is to be assumed he is also going to have autographs.


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