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Work, Wishes, and Weekends

Hello all I know I have been absent lately from the hobby space. I have been attempting to work an

overnight job at a gas station and I am the only person basically doing the job of 2 for under half the

hourly pay I was making as a social worker. I haven’t even been able to buy the new 2024 Topps series

one or see my children as much. This shows me a couple of things.

Firstly, I have seen the new Topps and I dig it even thou it maintains some of the standard Topps things

it does every year. The new Kevin hart SP from the Philadelphia Phillies base cards is a great addition in

my opinion, mainly due to it being printed at only 52 and that coming from hart being 5’2. It maintains

stuff like homefield advantage and other inserts and parallels. It looks good and has potential if this class

of rookies pans out, outside of de la Cruz.

Next , work is taking away from family. I haven’t been able to spend time with my children or focus on

anything. Per my last article you understand how much the pandemic and my family helped me through.

I am still working on twitter and retweeting and have a eBay. Make sure to check it out by the way. I

have come to a realization that money is important due to bills and not wanting to go into bankruptcy

but being with the ones you love and doing what brings you joy and self-care is equally if not more


Lastly, I want to end with a summary of what I think of the current state of the hobby. Shows here in

Alabama are surging and eBay will always be around. The new influx of people watching football due to

T Swift, regardless of personal opinion of her is improving the reach of collectibles and cards in general.

Make sure to focus on what brings you happiness and never give up on a dream. Make sure to follow me

on X at @MDRANSOM! , thank you and I hope everyone is having a great time collecting.


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