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$84,000 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Unopened Pack

  • Heritage Auctions had one of their biggest vintage sales recently

  • Everything from Ted Williams HOF Induction ring to a signed 1957 St Louis Cardinals jersey were auctioned.

  • One caught my eye the most

An unopened pack of 1952 Topps Baseball first series graded GAI EX-MT+ 6.5 was available and sold for $84,000. Not the craziest number ever, but when you factor in these original cost a nickel, it’s pretty wild! 1952 was the largest single year issue ever at the time from Sy Berger, the “father of the modern baseball card”. Essentially, the original Topps Baseball card full set was this 1952 set. It is considered on the “Mt Rushmore” of cards. I don’t know how many unopened packs exist of ANY set (I know I don’t have any laying around) so this is one of the most unique and rare items I can think of!


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