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Ask Not What your Hobby can do for You but Rather...

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Anyone that follows my content has heard me use terms such as ambassador, advocate and being a good steward for the hobby. Every once in awhile I'm asked to clarify what exactly I mean by those terms and how does one put those into action. It inspired me to write this column.

Being a hobby ambassador to me is someone who promotes the hobby to others, inside and outside of it in a positive way. Methods of delivery are usually verbal via public content or private conversations. A good hobby ambassador is generally welcoming to new hobbyists and passionate in those endeavors.

Being an advocate for the hobby is someone who actively helps fellow hobbyists. That can happen in various ways from sending a rak to someone, helping someone finish a set, sharing hobby information and knowledge or even vouching for a fellow worthy hobbyist.

Being a steward of the hobby is pretty similar to being an advocate but in my opinion it's going even further.

I've been asked why is this such a platform for me or where does this stance come from? Frankly I think it comes from my upbringing, how I was raised in my background as a person of faith but I also think that's just the foundation why. I believe the crux of it is in my early start in the hobby and the length of time I've been in it. I truly care about it, wanting it to be the best it could can be. Maybe it's because of the various different hats I've worn throughout the years in the hobby. I try not to be too preachy but I'm probably guilty of that on occasion. Chalk that up to my passion.


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