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Search is excited to announce the "Seller Spooktacular" Promotion

This October, is excited to announce the "Seller Spooktacular" promotion. During this downtime where other marketplaces are cutting features and raising fees, BSC is helping to reward our sellers for getting inventory added.

This month, BSC expects over 1,000,000+ cards to be added by several thousand different sellers...more than 4x our daily average! On top of getting paid to list, sellers still enjoy 0% seller fees and a bulk upload which allows 1,000+ cards to be listed per hour. This in part, has allowed BSC to increase our selection by more than any site besides eBay since we launched 18 months ago (nearly 8 million cards). If you have cards sitting around that you've needed to list, now is your chance to get paid to do so on!

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That site also stole content from other sites to help with their launch. Be careful if you choose to do business with them.

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