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CGC Syncs with Mascot as an Official Multi-Sales Channel Partner

Mascot, an emerging multi-sales channel and inventory management solution for sports cards and other collectibles, will help enhance secondary market liquidity options for CGC Cards.

Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) is excited to announce that Mascot Technologies, LLC (Mascot) has been appointed a new multi-sales channel partner of CGC Cards™. In addition, CGC will be listed as a Mascot Preferred Grading Partner. With this partnership, collectors will easily be able to submit their cards for CGC’s expert authentication and grading services while also utilizing Mascot's innovative selling platform, which will enable the listing of items for sale on multiple secondary marketplaces simultaneously, including eBay, MySlabs and Shopify to start. Mascot also has partnerships with TikTok Shop, Veriswap, MyCardPost, and ComicConnect, and plans to integrate those channels soon as well.

In the coming months, CGC Cards submitters will be able to add graded cards to the Mascot platform with the push of a button, and the cards will be listed across multiple secondary channels seamlessly.

CGC is part of the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®), the world’s leading provider of expert, impartial and value-added services for collectibles. Since 1987, the CCG companies have certified nearly 80 million collectibles, including coins, paper money, comic books, TCGs, sports cards, stamps and more. Collectors and dealers trust that collectibles certified by the CCG companies are authentic and accurately graded, so they sell for higher prices — as reflected by numerous record-breaking auction results.

Backed by proven entrepreneurs and collectibles enthusiasts, Mascot is an emerging digital solution for collectors seeking to streamline grading, inventorying, and selling of collectible assets. Through Mascot, collectors can instantly upload and manage their collections, maximize the reach of their items for sale by listing them on multiple reputable marketplaces simultaneously, and soon, seamlessly submit cards for grading. Additional categories, such as comic books, video games, magazines, VHS, coins and stamps, will be supported by Mascot in the near future through this partnership.

"Mascot is thrilled to announce CGC as one of our early partners as we look to improve the selling and managing experience for collectible assets. We have long admired CGC’s commitment to innovation and technology-enabled solutions to reduce friction and expand participation within their collectibles categories," said Ezra Levine, CEO of Mascot. "Through this partnership, collectors can add items straight from CGC’s grading room to Mascot, and list them for resale on multiple reputable marketplaces with ease, speed, and convenience — all through Mascot. This will create one of the industry's easiest ‘grade, manage, sell’ journeys."

"Mascot's industry-leading inventory management solutions have become an invaluable source for collectibles enthusiasts who need digital options for their collections," said Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of the Certified Collectibles Group. "We are thrilled to partner with Mascot to bring our expert authentication and grading services to even more collectors and dealers. The collaboration will benefit collectors, as it streamlines inventory management and makes transactions quicker and easier."

CGC and Mascot are also working on an integration to enable Mascot customers to submit items for grading to CGC directly from Mascot, expected to be completed in 2024. Visit to learn more.


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