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Chasing Cardboard Launches New Sports Card Marketplace 


Los Angeles, CA – 05/30/2024 – The team behind the acclaimed YouTube series Chasing  Cardboard ( is excited to announce the  launch of their new sports card marketplace, Chasing Cardboard Marketplace –

This innovative platform, powered by District, is set to revolutionize the way sports card  enthusiasts buy and sell, as well as how they connect in community around their prized  collections. 

Chasing Cardboard Marketplace offers all the tools of your favorite platforms – Livestreams, Live Auctions, Multi-Day Auctions, Buy Now Listings, Buyer & Seller Offers – along with a  vibrant community space for collectors of all levels to chat 24/7 with other collectors, post what  they are looking for, or even go live to show off their pickups. Leveraging the expertise and  passion that made Chasing Cardboard a beloved series among hobbyists, the marketplace aims to  create an unparalleled experience for sports card aficionados. 

"With Chasing Cardboard Marketplace, we're bringing our community closer together and  providing them with a reliable, dynamic platform to enhance their collecting journey," said Ty  Wilson, founder of Chasing Cardboard. "Our platform will ensure that our community will enjoy  a seamless, secure, and enjoyable experience." 

Key features of Chasing Cardboard Marketplace include: 

Easy to engage Chat Channels: chat with other collectors and community members  without having to download another app. 

Diverse Listings: A wide range of sports cards, from vintage treasures to graded modern  gems, including the highlights from upcoming episodes of Chasing Cardboard! • Expert Resources: Access to expert advice, market trends, and exclusive content from  the Chasing Cardboard team. 

Seamless Live Auctions: Powered by District, the marketplace benefits from cutting edge technology that ensures even the casual collector can buy, sell, or run a live auction  easily! 

Social Selling Tools: The unique Magic Comments feature allows sellers to share their  listings to Facebook, Instagram, X, and even a YouTube Live and buyers can claim and  pay directly from their social network.


Chasing Cardboard, known for showcasing top collections from around the country, as well as  Reseller insights and tips, has amassed a loyal following on YouTube. This new marketplace is a  natural extension of their mission to celebrate and grow the hobby.

To celebrate the launch, Chasing Cardboard Marketplace is offering each new user $5 Off their  first purchase with code KEEPCHASING as well as exclusive giveaways coming for early  adopters. 

For more information, visit or contact: 


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