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Don't Worry Be Happy!

Someone asked me recently “John, why lately does there seem to be more angry people in the hobby?”. I responded to the question by saying, I don't think it's one thing but most likely a combination of a variety of things and it would be a question that only each individual hobbyist could answer themselves. However it did get me thinking, what helps me avoid any type of malcontent attitude hobbywise and that's the inspiration of this article.

I enjoy helping my fellow hobbyist where I can, Whether that's answering questions sending a rak, producing hobby content that some enjoy and even selling a card(s) that someone really needs to enhance their collection. I try to be as helpful as I can be and I enjoy the process of doing such.

‘Embrace the differences” My 8:00 to 3:00 job has also aided my hobby side. I'm a teaching assistant in the Special Education Department at the high school level. My students have various personalities and diagnoses. I have to adapt my teaching style and instruction differently for different students. While I've always embraced different opinions and approaches in the hobby, my profession has enhanced those traits even further. I don't get mad or off kilter when someone does something different or even disagrees with something I said or did. I respect those differences and even try to learn more about them. If I'm debating a topic or an approach, I will not degrade anyone. While we can agree to disagree, I will always try to do it with class and respect.

Starting in 2023..I paired down the time I spend on the Hobby and on my content production to aid in my work life balance, but I've also done it without sacrificing relationships. I have many hobby friends on the content side, collecting side, card show side, etc. I've cut down my hobby time without the detriment to friendships. Speaking of those hobby friendships, I've taken the quality over quantity mantra. I rather have more deep friendships. The ones that you can talk hobby, talk life, joke and who knows what else rather than surface type ones that are more of a “dog & pony” show than actual substance. These are just some of the practices I employ to keep my hobby fun, exciting, less taxing and for the most part enjoyable. The hobby is supposed to be enjoyable right?


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