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Fire Five: April 2024

They say, where there's smoke there’s fire, and that stands true across all segments of the hobby. No matter if you're looking at sports cards, TCGs, or, in this case, comic books, all you need to do is follow what’s trending in a particular segment and you will see where potential investment opportunities lie. However, you need to strike while the iron is hot if you’re looking to cash in while the fire is still burning. With that in mind, here are my picks for the April Fire Five.

#1 - Wolverine #1 (Last Month #1)

We kick off this month’s Fire Five like last month, with Wolverine # 1. It’s hot for all the same reasons. However, if you missed that edition, and you don’t want to click the link above, just know this all hinges on the imminent release of Deadpool and Wolverine later this summer. Now, with that in mind, I would like to point out that the release date does coincide with The National. So, if you’re in Cleveland, and you don’t feel like the smell on the show floor, you know what I’m talking about, maybe go check out the movie. It will give you a much-needed break from the card show stench, and you won’t have to be hassled by lowballers trying to buy your collection at 30% of comps. 

#2 - New Mutants #98 (Last Month #2)

Not to sound like a broken record here, but please see above as to why this book is checking in again here at #2

#3 - The Crow #1 (Last Month N/A)

Fans of The Crow are growing skeptical by the day as the release of The Crow reboot approaches. As great as Bill Skarsgard is in his other roles, pulling off a reboot of a beloved Brandon Lee character may be a little too much. However, for comic book lovers, that is neither here nor there. Instead, they are buying the hype and taking The Crow #1 to the bank. This book features the second appearance of the character, but also the first solo title for him as well. It had three printings, starting in 1989, that are all identical but can be distinguished by the publishing date. 

#4 - Uncanny X-Men #239 (Last Month N/A)

We’re going to round out this list with two books seeing lots of attention due to the recently released X-Men ‘97 on Disney+. The first of these is Uncanny X-Men #239. This book features the second appearance of the evil Dr. Sinister and his first cover appearance as well. Released in December of 1988, this Chris Claremont classic may be hiding in a dollar bin near you. 

#5 - X-Men #1 (Last Month N/A)

In researching information for this list, I read that X-Men #1 was the best-selling comic book of all time. In fact, according to Key Collector Comics, it has sold over 8 million copies. Oddly enough that still doesn’t come close to how many 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr.’s were printed. Still, this classic has 16 different variant covers, four of which are connected to make up one awesome battle.  It features many notable team first, but more than anything, this is the book that X-Men fans of a certain generation can point to and say, “That’s where it started for me”. 


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