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Hobby Your Way

I don't pc or keep nearly as much as the younger version of me did. My show inventory dwarfs my much smaller pc, so what do I collect and what's my mindset with not having as much pc inventory.

I pc Hall of Fame graded rookie cards from all sports. I've even added boxing to that list. I'll pick up stuff as the year goes along and I try to add two significant pieces to that collection when I go to the National.

So why do I pc less? It's funny, it's not a simple answer to me. First my card room is not as big as I'd like it to be and space is super tight. Secondly, let's be honest I'm no spring chicken and as we all know Father Time stops for no one. I've even done podcast episodes by myself and even with Dr James Beckett pertaining to the end game of cards. Dr Beckett also is trying to lessen his card footprint.

With all this being said sometimes certain cards just hit me a certain way it may be nostalgia or sometimes it may be as simple as "they should be going for more than that" and soon I have bubble mailers in my mailbox. There's no template for how to hobby. You do it as you see fit and as your budget allows.

A recent thing I got into and started buying is the 1996 Finest Gold cards from baseball, basketball and football. They're absolutely stunning and were sealed one per box in 1996. However many do not break the bank and to me remain undervalued. I was around in 1996 and had some then so seeing them again brought back memories. How did I rekindle my affinity for them once again? I do bulk subbing for SGC grading. A dealer friend of mine submitted a bunch with m. Seeing them come back in their SGC tuxedo slabs. They just popped to me and I got caught in the "feels" as the kids say. Soon I was acquiring them and I imagine some may find their way into their own SGC slabs as well.

There is a point to this 1996 Finest Gold soap box, Collect what you love, what moves you, what takes you back or simply just because you like them. Hobby your way!


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