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Leave a Legacy

I had Eric of "Those Back Pages" on the podcast on episode 116 in February of 2021 Eric is a

popular YouTube vlogger who knows his sports cards and comics, he's passionate and

informative and loves sharing his knowledge through his videos.

Content creation obviously came up and something Eric said really hit home. He used the

quote "Leave a legacy". His feeling is this.. every piece of content we create whether it be

audio,video or written, now exists for future generations to be seen, heard or read and can be

referred to at any time.

When I first heard him say it ,it seemed initially dramatic but as I thought about it, it really sunk

in and made a lot of sense. Not to be morbid but we know we aren't here forever your YouTube

video, Tik Tok video, podcast audio/video, blog or social media post will live on most likely past

us. Our families and friends can play them or see them whenever they feel the need. Heck

maybe even a relative that comes after a passing could get to know their great grandpa or

great-grandma through videos and audio recordings that are still available but even past the

family aspect, the fact that the content will be available for future hobbyists to peruse and

potentially learn from or be. inspired by is nothing to sneeze at. I relay this because I never

thought about it to that level until Eric said it but it is true.

I get asked sometimes about starting a podcast. My first two rules I relay are to be yourself and

have fun and when I think about Eric's legacy thought, I think it makes even more sense. I'll be

honest it makes me think much much more about the content I create and how years from now

that catalog could be perceived or still be viable.

I'll close with this.. if you are debating whether to create content keep in mind that it may be

more impactful than you even initially realize and becomes a volume that family, friends or

fellow hobbyists can tap into whenever they like. It's a part of your history that we shouldn't take

for granted. Leave your legacy!!!


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