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Not all Smiles and Sunshines

I will start by stating that being active in this sports card hobby is often a struggle. On the one hand, I enjoy and love parts of this space, but on the other hand, there are moments of dislike and disappointment for this space. Often I try to tell myself that maybe things will get better, but I have realized that, in reality, things may never get better or even worse.

I understand there are many positions within this sports card hobby. Being on the collector side of the coin reminds me of looking through a broken pair of glasses.

I need the glasses to see, but what I see is broken.

What are some of the broken pieces that I see?


False Influences

Hype Train

Herd Mentally

Forced Content


Things that aren't Smiles and rays of Sunshine in this space:

Sometimes being in this space makes me Happy.

Sometimes being in this space makes me Sad.

Two things can be Correct at the same time.

My goal in this hobby space is to regain my Smile and see the Sunshine again.


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