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Saturday Morning Cards, LLC., Newly founded independent Trading Card Company

Saturday Morning Cards, LLC., newly founded independent trading card company, will be making its entrance into the trading card market with its first release: “Steamboat Willie” chromium cards early May 2024.

SMC, which stands for Saturday Morning Cards, is a brand that aims to capture the nostalgia of the good old days when Saturday mornings were filled with watching cartoons, playing with toys and video games and just being a kid. With a focus on retro IPs combined with modern designs, SMC is creating limited edition collectible mini art that perfectly captures that Saturday morning experience again.


Now come join the official SMC club today (it’s free to join)! 


To join or for more info visit: 

Follow their Instagram account @SaturdayMorningCards

Pre-orders will start shipping June 1st, 2024!


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