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See You at the National!

Updated: Jul 15

There's no shortage of card shows. Frankly I could make a case that we are getting to a point of potentially too many card shows. I even know of a situation in Pittsburgh where there were two card shows going on at the same time literally across the street from each other(ask Danny Black). We've seen newcomer shows pop up and mimic regional shows. We've seen other shows try to take pages from the National as well. Don't get it twisted.. I love card shows, I love setting up and I love going as a consumer. Nothing can replace the in-person transactions, conversations, get togethers, etc. 

That's why the National is the “Super Bowl of the Hobby” to me and I feel it always will be such, no matter what show comes along and tries to grab the spotlight. I pondered why is this the case? First it's got a long history and bloodline and even the name itself distinguishes its significance from other shows. Also numbers don't lie. It's the largest show when it comes to dealer attendance, attendees in general, cards inside the walls and corporate presence. 

As we know a high percentage of the hobby is there. Obvious we are creatures of habit and it's around the same time every year. So much so we set our calendars by it. My employer knows I won't be at work that week. The fact it takes place in big cities allows all attendees to potentially see the sights, attend more events, concerts, etc. 

Don't forget the shows after the show. Whether that's a trade night, dinner with friends and groups, a Major League baseball game or other sporting event, or even a corporate event. The day isn't over until your head hits that pillow and sometimes that extends into the next day. It's the event to meet people for the first time or for the umpteenth time. it's the place to get deals done whether that's for cards or some other hobby agreement. 

Let's keep it real, it's the card show that also produces the most content and the most desired content especially from those unfortunately who are unable to attend. From a personal standpoint I attend with a list of 3 to 5 cards of significance from my want list and my goal was to get at least two or three of them during that week and I know others take a similar approach. 

I count down the days as the show approaches and immediately start again as I head home after the show has concluded. It is a special week and I plan to attend every year I possibly can and I know many of you share those same sentiments, so I'll see you at the National!


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