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Should I Attend this Year's National Sports Card Convention?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

For the past few months, I have been back and forth deciding if I should attend National this year. As someone who has only attended two Nationals, would attending a 3rd be redundant? My first National was in 2021 in Chicago, and my second was in 2022 in Atlantic City. I enjoyed both experiences, and the only significant difference for me was that for the second, I got to see my 7-year-old daughter experience attending her National.

The Major Question: Is the National worth attending?

The Time factor: Would I attend for four or two days?

Is Attending for just one or two days - worth making the trip?

Is it worth taking time off work to attend?

The Cost factor: Flights / Transportation, Accommodation, Show Admission costs, Food expenses, and other expenses.

Would all of my expenses for this trip be worth it?

With these two main factors - could I not attend and save my time and money from those major expenses and stay home and buy the cards I want online or at a local show?

Now with the National being the It Show, there are advantages to attending; the biggest one is finding cards you have yet to find online.

The social aspect of attending the National is a constant theme I hear from people who attend the National. Meeting up with awesome people in this space is fantastic, but is it worth the time and cost factor?

Things to consider:

If you want advice on if you should attend the National - ask and speak with people who are in your exact shoes. This point is significant because if you listen to people on mics and behind the camera, their reasons for attending are often much different than yours.

Are you a collector looking to buy cards at National for your collection?

If so, then speak to a fellow collector doing the same thing.

Are you a trader who traders heavily? If so, speak to a fellow trader.

Are you looking to Network? If so, speak to someone whose goal is also to Network.

Are you looking forward to attending the social events?

Is the Autograph signing a significant factor in attending?

Are you planning to make a trip out of this and Enjoy Chicago?

The Deep Dish Pizza or Harold's Chicken, or Sight Seeing Around the Chi


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